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IWWF - IRC World Wrestling Federation. Utilising the original text based 'refbot' players are able to partake in pro-wrestling style bouts and events.
Come check it out! Download mIRC and connect to PUNCH.DAL.NET. Once there, join the action in #IWWF.
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Awards Spotlight
jesseman, Sherby, & CharltonJ, are tied for the worst champion.
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Wrestler of the Moment
jericho: 0 wins, 0 losses, 10000 points, ranked 25.
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Top 10
1. FoxGirl
3. Ice
4. JoshHeartbrand
5. nettocash
6. |The_Rock|
7. CharltonJ
8. Hayley
9. H}{H
10. Jason_Voorhees
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Hot Streaks
1. Psyduck: 3 wins.
2. FutureTrunks: 2 wins.
3. acid-trip: 2 wins.
4. JoshHeartbrand: 2 wins.
5. Hayley: 1 wins.

Cold Streaks
1. Ice: 4 losses.
2. pixelmixer: 4 losses.
3. R-Truth: 3 losses.
4. TaylorSwift: 3 losses.
5. d__dil_pakistan: 2 losses.

Latest iMPACT headlines
New Impact General manager John O'Sullivan announces new reign of IWWF!

IWWF Pay Per View Presents:
WrestleMania VIII

RicFlair wins the Rumble!
Royal Rumble - January 30th

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Latest Results
- Faces Of Power (12/19/2010)
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News Headlines
- Team Fortress 2
- Wrestling IS gay!
- Announcement regarding the year 2012
- WWE: Wrestlemania 27
- Royal Rumble for January announced!
- Summerslam Wrap Up.
- A few announcements...
- sith appreciation week
- RE: Imitators
- Royal Rumble
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J&M Associates Tax LLC, our parent company, has reduced our funding for lack of support. Therefore we had to make a few changes...

- Moved from our private dedicated server back to DALnet
- Weekly and Monthly events cancelled
- Employee hours reduced (This includes refbot)

As always, you can show your support at no charge by using #iwwf on DALnet for pretty much anything. IWWF has enjoyed serving the public since 1997, and looks forward to continuing to do so for many more years.

If you are interested in making a contribution to the IRC World Wrestling Federation, please contact Joshua K..



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