The Alliance
Shen's Team: (Captain) Jason Voorhees, Shen Du HBK, Daemon X, Mystery Opponent

When the Alliance announced they would be in the Survivor Series Match, main eventing yet another PPV, they challenged the Commissioner, Shen DuHBK, to lead a team of however he wished to face them. The Alliance would consist of the IWWF champion, Eneru, a HHH returning from injury, MarleyG, and Masterpiece. Shen DuHBK, freshly crowned Tag Team Champion, chose DaemonX, his partner, right off the bat. After thinking it over shortly, Shen said his old stable, NG, could never have done what it did in the past without Jason Voorhees there as the support man. The fourth member would remain hidden said Shen, and would be unveiled right before the match itself. As a sign of respect, Shen named Voorhees as Team captain, while the Alliance chose Eneru. Would Survivor Series finally see Alliance take a huge blow or would it see them further cement their place as IWWF's leading faction?

Monoxide -VS- Intercontinental Champion, Banging

Banging lost the opportunity to gain "Veto" power against Monoxide, which saw Mono defeat Banging in a table match, winning a title shot for himself. After the match, Monoxide took advantage of Banging turning his back on him, attacking him and going as far as lighting up cigarettes and burning them into the back of his fallen opponent. The burns were severe enough for Banging to have a good excuse to no show the PPV if he wished, but instead, demanded to face Monoxide in a match where his rage could not be shackled, but unleashed. A ladder match.

Adam -VS- Jericho

The story between these two was well known. Controversy would be an understatement. The feud between these two had been unfinished and although neither was pushing for it to restart again, the Commissioner, Shen DuHBK, wanted a clear cut winner. A single match would not do justice to the battles these two had had. A Best of Three series was picked. Who would finally be able to say they were in the "right", and who would finally take a slice of that famed humble pie?

Musicality -VS- Pyroblitz

Pyroblitz had been tearing it up recently, winning matches and throwing out tirades to all of IWWF. Musicality, freshly returned, had been demanding immediate important matches, claiming he was a legend and deserved them as soon as he stopped in the door. Pyro, who had been earning his keep the hard way, almost blew a vessel hearing this. He challenged Musicality to own up to his "Legend" status at this PPV, so he could once and for all make his point, by brushing aside a so called "legend", and would then not be ignored.

Tabz -VS- Mintzs

On the cusp of being elected into the IWWF Board of Directors, Mintzs was as cocky as ever. When asked about the situation, Tabz claimed Mintzs would never have achieved his success in the past if it wasn't for his friendships with past IWWF figureheads and it looked to be repeating itself this day as well. An angry Mintzs took offense, promptly everything he had gained was on merit, and at Survivor Series, he would show Tabz exactly how he achieved all his success, in a Cage match.

Ice -VS- National Champion, Acid Trip

After being stated that if Ice lost his match last week, he would not be able to challenge for the National title as long as Acid held it, Ice managed a huge upset, defeating Acid Trip in a 15 Minute Iron Man match last week, winning the chance for one last title shot at Acid Trip at the PPV. The Commissioner decided on a 30 Minute Iron Man to finally settle the battle between these two once and for all.

The Radical -VS- nettocash

The Radical was finally hanging up his wrestling boots and when the news got out, nettocash was the first to respond. netto stated he jumped at the chance to be part of IWWF history, whether big or small, and would gladly be The Radical's last opponent ever.

The Game -VS- Sasquatch -VS- compro

A simple one on one, regular match to open the PPV would not cut it. That was fine for a weekly iMPACT! show, but this was Survivor Series, one of the biggest events of the year. The commissioner wanted to make the PPV as big as possible and so booked a 3way hardcore elimination match, with the winner set to recieve a National title shot in the future.