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- Wrestlemania 2 is a Pay-Per-View, that is LIVE March 26th 2006. Wrestlers have 2 hours to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and oobserved by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

This is the card for Wrestlemania 2 that is LIVE on March 26th in Hartford, CT.

musiclity won The Battle Royal

(IRC Title Battle Royal)
this was an amazing battle royal many superstar's entered only one survived, After eliminating a couple or more superstars WomaR aka Musicalty came crashing down on the roster of IWWF tossing them over the top rope left right and center only to win the wrestlemania battle royal.

Stuund defeated Rob
(Chance At Redemption Boiler Room Bout)

This was HUGE match-up to have second on the card for westlemania 2,These two superstar's fought until both were bleeding from there balls, due to weapons and finishers , but  only the best can do what could be done in this type of weapon from the start match , and that is ex nWo member Stuund excapeing the boiler room to win the match

Jeff defeated The Best
(TV Title Regular)
This was a long awaited match for both superstar's, Over the weeks both men have traded words, and also matches, but none the less , these two men had a hatred only wrestlemania could solve , so they took it out in the biggest grand daddy of em all for the IWWF Tv Championship, With the crowd going crazy the whole time Jeff- must have felt confident with all the peeps behind him , because not only did he come out ontop . he CRUSHED the|best| in a landslide match-up becoming the NEWWWWW TV Champion!

Zengeance defeated Ultimate Warrior
(Hardcore Submission Match)
This was a match that was never suppose to happen, Zengeance the legend magicly just popped online during a wrestlemania break, and some how him and UltimateWarrior ended up in a  GRUESOME hardcore submission battle , but only for the legend in Zengeance to reverse his own submission move on the ultimatewarrior, what was warrior thinking using the sharpshooter on zengeance, we will never know.

Mick Foley defeated Road Warrior
(HC Title Table)
Mick-Foley and RW fought a HARD match-up with the health leading into the -hundreds, This was one of the most classic table matches I have ever seen, The referee got tossed around and knocked out like a hot patito though out this whole match-up by RoadWarrior, Mick tried waking the ref up about 20 times, Before he actually woke up the ref nailing RoadWarrior down through a TABLE to win the hardcore title, Causing RoadWarrior to leave the building and the rest of the show swell.

Musicality defeated H}{H and Ultimate Warrior
(IRC Title Triple Threat)
This was another match that just came out of nowhere, H}{H had lost his title earlier on in the night against Justinv in a steel cage grudge match, Only leading to JustinV vacating the tite causing IWWF owner JHB needing to have an IRC Champion , so he called out Musicality who had won the IRC title battle royal eatlyer on in the evening. and H}{H because of the IRC championship's rematch clause, and UltimateWarrior , well I cannot explain that one , but anyway's this match was awesome H}{H got tossed around like a bitch between Musicality and UltimateWarrior until he was elimated, By that time H}{H had already knew he had lost and had knocked out the ref for Musicality causing him to win the match up.

The Warriors (c) VS The Legends
(Tag Title Elimination)
Men talk about winning the gold. This match is about winning back the pride. The Legends since their return have been dissapointing at best. With two wins underneath the belts of The Warriors the legends are looking here not just to pick up the tag-team gold but to send a message that there's a reason their the legends and their going to take what is rightfully theirs.

Shen Du HBK VS Daemon X
(Best of 3, Hardcore/Table/Regular)
This match sees the IWWF Return of Legend Shen Du HBK and Daemon X as they fight for pride. Only at WrestleMania 2!

Mick Foley defeated The Best and The Radical and Road Warrior
(Money In The Bank, Fatal Four Way)
This was another merical match by mick-foley he came out and got tossed around the whole time , but it did not matter , he elimited two or more superstars from this money in the bank match up with ease, mick had no problem coming out on top in this one , all the IWWF fans were going crazy at the end of the money in the bank match to say the least.

Josh Heartbrand defeated The Rock
(25 Minute Iron Man)
This match started out quite even , JHB and ROCK traded health back and fourth, this carried on , until something struck inside JHB causing him to kick rocks ass , rock was about 25 health under JHB when H}{H came down and nailed him with a pedigree causing him to lose one fall , next fall JHB did the same thing , but yet Mick-Foley who was already having a HUGE night at wrestlemania, decided to run in and nail rock with a chair for a second interference on JHB's behalf, Causing rock again to lose another fall, this time the rock and JHB were even no interference's , and therock came out ontop in the end for this fall, moving on to the next fall only for the time limit to run out on both superstars causing JHB to win his match at WrestleMania.

Justin Verrier defeated H}{H
(Ultimate Cage Grudge Match)
This was a cage match of ALL cage matches H}{H gave it his all in this match, the match was even until both superstars got down to about 50 , Then justinv decided that it wasn't gonna go down that way , whipped H}{H into the ropes and nailed a few stunners climbing the cage and winning the IRC Championship and his pride for IWWF and his creation, H}{H was carried out on a stretcher after this match up, but attend to by IWWF medical staff and was later on OK and ready to fight in another match for the IRC title only because JustinV decided to vacate the championship, leaving JHB no choice but to make another title match.

Netto Cash defeated Marley G
(Main-Event IWWF Title Ladder Match)
Netto Cash fulfilled his life long dream to become IWWF Champion by defeating Marley G. But how long would it last?

Mick Foley defeated Netto Cash
(Money In The Bank IWWF Title Match)
Mick Foley pulled the upset of the year by cashing in his money in the bank and tabling an exhausted Netto Cash to capture his first IWWF Title.

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