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These are the results for Destruction and Domination, which took place March 29th and 30th.

The first ever IWWF pay-per-view since the beginning of the New Era, Destruction and Domination, kicked off with a lot of explosions, as the crowd expected the beginning in awe. The General Managers' music hit, as Ironize and Fire^Storm made their way out. They welcomed the fans and said that they were working hard to bring them the greatest entertainment and this PPV was a great example.

Almost all of the greatest IWWF superstars were present in the building. Fire^Storm wished Ironize the best of luck in his match for the newly unified National title against Y2Jericho, Ironized thanked him and said he'll prove once again that no one should mess with the GMs.

Team C.L.I.T.'s music hit and Mintzs made his way out with the DALNet title. He said that Jauger was gonna pay for his ridiculous assault on him at Onslaught and now the fans were gonna see who the greatest DALNet champion is. He also said Jauger was gonna feel the Mintitude and that after the damage received today, he wouldn't wanna wrestle anymore.

Jauger's music cut Mintzs and the challenger made his way out in style, with his sunglasses on. He told Mintzs he was gonna take his title and kick his ass tonight. Mintzs laughed at him, which got him pissed, so Jauger rushed into the ring and issued an attack on his opponent, as the referee called for the opening bell.

Jauger(New Champion) defeated Mintzs via pinfall
(DALnet Tittle Regular Match)
Mintzs was hit a couple of times at first, but then started dodging Jauger's attacks and nailed a couple of counterstrikes. Jauger got a slight advantage after countering a DDT, but Mintzs managed to nail a Super Kick and caused his opponent to bleed.

However, Jauger then managed to sneak up behind the champ while he was posing for the crowd and caught him with a T-Bone suplex. He followed with a Double Arm DDT to put the match into his hands. The frustrated Mintzs went for an Embrace, only to get countered, then received a Double Underhook Powerbomb.

Jauger went for the pin, but the champ managed to kick out and keep the match alive. Mintzs then went for another Embrace, only to be caught with a Pimp Drop, which destroyed him and Jauger got the pinfall and the DALNet title.

The new champ raised his title, celebrating and the crowd applauded him. Jauger took a mic and said that this was one of his greatest victories in his career and he was gonna do his best to defend his title and even keep it till the next PPV. Mintzs pulled himself up and told Jauger that things were far from finished, then walked out of the ring, as Jauger continued the celebration.

General Manager Ironize walked out with the National title on his shoulder. He said this was gonna be the last appearance of the old National title and he was not gonna let it be disgraced. Y2Jericho went out with the KO title, saying that he was gonna remain in history as the first holder of the Unified National Title.

Ironize laughed at him and told him he was gonna destroy him in the same way he did a couple of weeks ago, when he first took the National belt. Y2Jericho said he was gonna win this time, which Ironize countered by saying that he doesn't lose to low card wrestlers. Y2Jericho got mad and rushed into the ring, only to be caught with a boot to the face by Ironize.

The GM clotheslined his opponent back over the ropes and out of the ring, then gave his National title to the referee, who took it, as well as Jericho's belt, then brought the shiny new National title and announced it to be on the line in this match.

Y2JerichO(Unified Champion) defeated ironize via knockout
(National Title Unification KO Match)
Both wrestlers started by exchanging attacks, but no one could really do an impact at this early point. Thing were looking even, before Ironize managed to dodge an attempted Lionsault and left the ring to come back with a chair and used it over Y2Jericho's head. After this, a whip by Jericho accidentally knocked the referee down.

Ironize then went for the Trademarc, Y2Jericho managed to dodge it only to be caught via Multiple German suplexes and knocked down. Ironize followed with a Double Underhook Powerbomb, pulled his opponent up and hit the Sexual Healing. Y2Jericho managed to get up with a lot of effort, whipped Ironize into the ropes and took him down, then hit the Lionsault.

Ironize nailed the Sexual Healing once again, knocking Jericho down, but the referee wasn't around to score the Knock-Out. In a while, Jericho managed to continue the match and went for a Bronco Buster after taking his opponent down. Ironize, however, dodged it and caught him with a Chokeslam. Ironize went for a Frankensteiner, but it was dodged and Jericho hit an Elevated DDT, then reversed an attempted Bubba Cutter. Ironize was down and Jericho waked the referee up.

The GM pulled himself up, only to be caught by a Big Boot and knocked down. Jericho then hit a Sky High and the still dazed referee thought Ironize couldn't continue and called for the bell.

Ironize managed to pull himself up in a few seconds, furious at the referee's decision. Y2Jericho was celebrating with the title and taunting him. The GM walked to his opponent and offered him his hand. Y2Jericho tried to shake his hand, but was caught with a knee to the gut, then sent to the canvas with a Sexual Healing.

Ironize picked up the title and dropped it on the bloodied Y2Jericho, saying how we have a brand new National champ, who'll need brand new teeth. He pointed at Y2Jericho and asked the ref how someone who was knocked out was announced the winner in a KO match. The referee said that he might have made a mistake, but it was too late now. Ironize yelled at him, saying that another mistake will result in the referee being fired.

chaos_Drone walked out with the Hardcore title and said that Greeneking was now gonna receive some major punishment for his most stupid act in life - his attack against the Hardcore champ at Onslaught. Drone added that he was the most hardcore wrestler in IWWF and he was gonna show the crowd exactly what "hardcore" means.

He then reached under the ring, to pull out a golf club. Team C.L.I.T.'s music hit and Greeneking rushed to the ring, attacking the champ with a trash can and saying how it was time to take the trash out of IWWF.

greeneking(New Champion) defeated chaos_Drone via pinfall
(Hardcore Title Hardcore Match)
The champ managed to score one or two attacks more in the beginning, but Greeneking fought back with a Superkick into his face. Drone went for the Emerald fusion, then took a chair and used it over Greeneking's head. The challenger went for an Edgecution, but was caught with a Stunner and knocked down.

Drone went for the pin, Greeneking kicked out. He sent the champ into the ropes and hit the Curtain Call. However, Drone came back and nailed another Stunner. Another pinfall attempt followed, but Greeneking refused to give up. He nailed the Twist of Fate and then reversed an attempted Emerald Fusion, causing Drone to bleed.

This was the turning point of the match and after taking down the champ again, Greeneking pinned and took the title.

After winning the match, Greeneking continued his attack on the fallen Drone, stomping on him. He was then given the title and raised it high, posing for the crowd. He then pulled Chaos_Drone up and nailed him with the title, making him bleed again. Drone was down and out , but Greeneking wasn't finished.

He took Drone's golf club and attacked him with it multiple times. The referee started calling for the bell, but Greeneking wouldn't stop. Finally, security guards rushed out and managed to take care of the situation. Chaos_Drone was placed in a strecher.

The cage was positioned over the ring and Spyk and Circa made their way out, stepping inside. This match was not only gonna decide the IRC champion, but most probably the new IWWF title number one contender and both of them knew it. Instead of exchanging words, they concentrated and prepared for the hard battle awaiting them.

spyk defeated circa via climbing out of the cage
(IRC Title Cage Match)
Both opponents tried dragging each other's faces onto the cage in the beginning, but failed to bust each other open. Attacks were exchanged and both started wearing each other down, with no one being able to take the match into his hands yet. Spyk went for a Small Boot and knocked his opponent down, but his next attempt was countered.

Circa went or a Stunner and followed with a Jacknife Powerbomb, but Spyk didn't give up and nailed his opponent with the Identity Crisis twice in a row. He then went for the Small Boot again, after dodging an attempted Piledriver by Circa. The next Piledriver knocked the champ though and Circa went for the Rolling Thunder.

Spyk managed to dodge it in the last second, whipped Circa into the ropes and took him down with a Big Boot this time. The champ had enough time to climb the cage, but Circa pulled him back down. More attacks were exchanged, with Circa taking the advantage after a Death Valley Driver.

However, The Crippler went for multiple German suplexes, knocked his opponent down and climbed the cage again. Circa followed him, only to be booted in the face and fell on the ring. Spyk quickly reached the top and climbed down the outside of the cage, retaining his title once again.

Spyk raised his title and said that the IWWF champ was next. He said he didn't care whether it was Trell or Stonecold, but one thing was sure - The Crippler was gonna be the next IWWF champion. He added that he's the one who made a tremendous impact since shows are on, winning all of his single matches and keeping the IRC title for over a month and a half.

The GM's music hit and Fire^Storm walked out. He congratulated Spyk with his victory and said that although he wasn't his favorite, what's true is true and The Crippler was gonna get his deserved IWWF title shot very soon. Spyk thanked him and told him he should think about Spyk's first opponents as the IWWF champion.

The crowd went wild as the main event of Destruction and Domination was about to begin. Stonecold's music hit and he made his way out, climbing each of the turnbuckles to greet the crowd. The fans were obviously on his side, almost all of them cheered as he stepped into the ring.

The Faction's music hit and Trell came out with the belt on his shoulder and a mic in hand. He said that it was about time he finished Stonecold off. He said that The Powertrip was great, but it was just Stonecold who screwed things up and he was gonna be punished in the most brutal way tonight. Austin took a mic too and told Trell to cut the bullshit, as it was time to begin.

The Rattlesnake said that Trell was actually the weak link in the Powertrip, but it was all history now and it was time for Stonecold to take the IWWF title into his hands once again. The title was taken from Trell and deployed on the needed height over the ring. Both wrestlers looked up at it, each of them willing to grab it and take it in his hands soon.

Trell(Champion) defeated stonecold
(IWWF Title Ladder Match)
In what turned out to be one of the greatest IWWF title matches in history, these two started with all the power and anger they could, busting each other open early. A lot of blood was lost by both during the ruthless battle, which started with slight advantage for the Rattlesnake.

Trell leveled things up after knocking Austin down with a Chestbreaker and a Judgement slam after. Stonecold shocked the crowd by nailing Trell with one of his old time finishers, the Big Boot, but Trell wasn't impressed. He whipped Austin into the ropes and nailed the Genocide. Stonecold replied with a couple of Stunners, but Trell's Genocide seemed more devastating, knocking the Rattlesnake down. The ladder was brought into the ring.

Stonecold was still down, as Trell set the ladder and started climbing it, with a very good chance of an early victory. However, Austin managed to get up and pulled Trell back to the ground. Stonecold picked up the ladder and tried nailing his opponent with it, but soon dropped it to avoid a Superkick.

Moves onto the ladder were exchanged, as the match was still oing to its middle point. Later on, Stonecold got his chance after throwing Trell into the ladder, then setting it and climbing. Trell managed to get up, but Stonecold jumped off the ladder with a Drunken man dive, knocking Trell down once again. Stonecold climbed the ladder once again, went on top and reached for the title.

However, Trell had already gotten up and shaked the ladder, causing The Rattlesnake to fall and bleed badly. Trell started climbing, but Austin climbed the opposite side of the ladder. Stonecold attempted a Flip Over Powerbomb, only to fail to get a grasp on the champ and fall over. Trell reached the top of the ladder and leaped for the title, but failed to grab it. With both opponents down, more moves were exchanged and the match continued with Trell having the advantage, but not being able to get a good chance for the victory yet.

After nailing a Big Boot into Stonecold's face, Trell climbed the ladder once more and was followedd by his opponent. This ended with Stonecold receiving a Bubba Bomb off the top of the ladder. However, Austin pulled himself up and went for a Tazzplex, to knock the champ down. He climbed the ladder again, only to be shaken off by Trell, who climbed on his own.

Austin followed him, climbing the opposite side. Both wrestler reached the top and Trell went for a crucial shove, managing to send Stonecold down. The Rattlesnake tried shaking the ladder, but failed and Trell grabbed the title.

Austin's last attempt was to grab the ladder with Trell on it, but it failed too and Trell unhooked the title, retaining it!

The crowd was astonished by the awesome bout and showed it, even though most of the fans booed the champion. Trell raised his title, while Stonecold turned his back on him and attemted to leave the ring. The IWWF champ stared at him, then approached him from behind and quickly nailed him to the back of the head with the belt, knocking him down.

Trell started stomping on the fallen Stonecold, saying how he proved who the greatest wrestler in history is and the first IWWF PPV since the beginning of the New Era, Destruction and Domination, went off air.

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