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- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

iMPACT! - January 26th 2009

Sherby defeated Frosty
(Regular Match)
Sherby defeated Frosty in what was the Snowman's first match since his return to IWWF. It was a close bout which saw many exciting near pins but Sherby proved to be in better condition than Frosty and took this bout.

Netto Cash defeated H0LLYWOOD
(Regular Match)
The former IWWF Champion, Netto Cash, proved to the IWWF World that he is still relevant and is here to make a point. It seemed in recent months that Netto had lost his drive for the IWWF Gold, that perhaps he was almost ready to retire. That didn't seem to be the case on Impact when Netto Cash completely took the rising Hollywood by surprise. A quick Packet Bomb KOed hollywood.

Netto Cash wasn't done after that, however. He pulled out a gun from his wrestling tights and placed it in the mouth of Hollywood. He told the fans in attendance that he was going to make a point to everyone that he was back and ready to claim what was his. Just as Netto was about to pull the trigger the lights dimmed and a face was seen on the KronTron. It was none other than Marley G.

Marley G: Netto Cash, it's been four long years. Four long years since you defeated me at Wrestle Mania. And look what you've done since... absolutely f**king nothing. People say on that day Marley G's career was ended. Well I'm going to show the world that Marley G has always been and always will be better than Netto Cash. That gun you have right over there Netto, you might as well point it at yourself, because that's the only thing that will end the pain I will put you through at Wrestle Mania IV.

CharltonJ defeated Sarah Ng
(Regular Best Of Three Match)
Mr. Kronick promised a special reward for this match. But who would've known that the reward would be a place in the main event of Febuary's PPV? Charlton J continued his winning ways in the IWWF with this all important victory that will allow him a chance of a lifetime.

Interview with Banging

The IC Champion came out to the ring to speak about his championship. Banging told the audience he was going to bring respect back to the IC Championship, once one of the most prized possessions in the IWWF. Banging said that he was looking for a worthy opponent to defend his belt against at the PPV and would welcome a challenge from someone who thought themselves fitting.

Daniel MI (c) defeated Josh Heartbrand
(Regular Match, Non-Title)
JHB was looking for the opportunity to get revenge for a loss he had previously at a house show against Daniel MI. What was shaping up to be a great technical battle between the past and the future of the IWWF ended up turning bloody. JHB became increasingly frustrated with his inability to pin Daniel MI no matter the maneuver performed. He removed the referee from the ring and grabbed a steel chair which he used to beat Daniel MI lifeless with. IWWF Security was forced to remove JHB from the arena and Daniel MI was awarded with the DQ Victory.

Jason Voorhees defeated Undertaker
(Regular Match)
There are few trash talkers in the world who can run their mouths more than the Undertaker. Unfortunately, it didn't seem as if his prowess in the ring could match his mouth, as Jason Voorhees, #1 Contender to the IWWF Championship, disposed of the Undertaker with virtual ease. Voorhees took a mic after the victory.

Voorhees: A lot of people refer to these months as the road to Wrestle Mania. Some call it the lead up to destiny. I simply look it as the road to hell. And no one knows hell better than Jason Voorhees. Jericho, I don't care if it's you who has the title or someone else. It doesn't matter. No one in this federation can pin me in this ring. I am born from somewhere you have never been. You have yet to see the fires that rage from where I have been birthed. But you will. You will very soon.

Mr. Kronick came out to the ring and fired Ice as GM. He said that Ice had cost the IWWF ratings because of all the DQ finishes. Mr. Kronick said that the corporate HQ's phone was ringing off the hook because of the way Jericho DQed himself at the PPV. People wanted their money back. He said this was not the way to run a business. Mr. Kronick made the main event of the PPV an elimination chamber match where no steel chair would save Jericho's championship. He said Hell's Fury would be unleashed upon the six best IWWF superstars.

Mr. Kronick than went on to say Ice would fight for his IWWF career at the PPV, a loss would send him packing.

The Rock & H}{H defeated Jericho (c)
(Main Event, Regular Handicap Match, Non-Title)
Jericho again one upped the IWWF by getting himself disqualified to save his hide. It seemed as though The Rock and HHH were going to be able to coexist with each other for the common good to eliminate Jericho as serious competition at the upcoming PPV. Jericho continued to show his intelligence as the IWWF Champion when he removed brass knuckles from his trunks and swung at HHH knocking him out. The Rock wisely jumped off the apron and walked back up to the back.

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