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- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

iMPACT! - February 2nd 2009

Frosty vs. Undertaker
(Regular Match)
The scene was set for an exciting episode of Impact to start off with Undertaker and frosty; two of the new exciting talents of the IWWF, squaring off against one another. While the pace was a bit slow, these two delivered exciting power house moves against one another.

However, only mere minutes into the match, "If you SMELLLLL what the Rock.... is.... cookin" played over the speakers as The Rock made his way to the ring. He delivered two rock bottoms to both Undertaker and Frosty and grabbed a microphone as the bell rang a double DQ.

The Rock: Finally.... The Rock has come back... to the I W W F. Last week on Impact, this jabroni, Jericho, decided he would use a steel chair against The Rock. It was not the way The Rock had planned to make his return to the IWWF Ring. Jericho you better be prepared. The Rock doesn't care if he fights you in a sumo match, a pig match, a chinese checkers match, when the smoke is cleared, when it's all said and done, The Rock is going to throw your roody poo candy ass into that steel cage, walk out the IWWF Champion if you SMELLLLL what the Rock... Is... Cookin.

Sarah Ng defeated H0LLYWOOD
(Regular Match)
Sarah Ng was still sore from her loss against Charlton J the previous Impact that cost her a shot at the IWWF Championship. She knew that beating Hollywood was her chance at redemption, and she performed the task necessary. Hollywood showed moments of glory, but those flickers were not enough on Impact when Sarah Ng distracted the referee by flashing him, grabbed a lead pipe, and took out the knee caps of Hollywood. She pinned him and Hollywood had to be helped out to the back.

Sherby defeated Banging (c)
(Regular Match)
Banging made a presumption statement on last weeks impact. Anyone who thought they were worthy to step into the ring against the IC Champ was welcome to step up to the plate. Sherby did just that by using Banging's own devious attack against him. It seemed as though Banging was rather disingenius about playing fair as he grabbed a steel chair during the match when things seemed to go against him. Sherby performed a drop kick into the chair that took out Banging's nose. The referee disqualified Banging for his devious tactic that also left him with a broken nose.

Mr. Kronick came out to the ring with a man cloaked in a black robe.

Mr. Kronick: Well, well, well. The time has finally come. The bell is tolling for you Ice, my little rainbow colored friend. Only two weeks remain until the greatest travesty to ever defile an IWWF ring is removed forever. We all loved your panty on a pole matches, your colorful rainbow glitters you would decorate the ring with. But we will not miss the ratings you nearly destroyed IWWF with. Ice... you just never got it. IWWF is the place where the big boys fight. It's where the legends reside. Your mockery... your idea of what wrestling is, it's an affront to me. You have disgraced the legacy of this fine federation, now entering it's eleventh year of dominance. Change... new trends... all of these things you champion Ice, they are a disease. As long as I run the IWWF, which I assure you, will be until my last breath, it will be the Legends, the true blooded technical wrestlers, who run this promotion. There is no room for... for... FREAKS like you.

(Ice appears on the KronickTron)

Ice: Mr. Kronick. You look so beautiful!!! (Mr. Kronick is clearly irate)

Mr Kronick: Get him off of my screen. G-d d**nit I paid fifty million dollars for this screen get him the f**k off!!

Ice: Having trouble sir? Maybe you should take a look at your employees.

(The KronickTron switches to show the backstage tech staff tied up with rainbow rope and purple boxers stuffed in their throats)

Mr. Kronick: This outrage will not be tolerated. You hear me!

Ice: See that's where you're wrong. First off, why are you always so angry? You need some color in your life, some hip, some happiness, some love, heck maybe even some change! You can start with that brown suit of yours!! Mr. Kronick, it doesn't matter who you give me to fight at the PPV I will emerge victorious and continue to paint this fed purple!

Mr. Kronick: I love the confidence Ice. That's why I know you'll be up to the challenge I have for you. Ice... your opponent isn't just anyone. It's a former IWWF Champion. A man who dominated this ring like few before and after him. A man who was so powerful, he left at one point because no one was left to challenge him. I present you... THE MASTERPIECE.

(The cloaked man flexes and the robes immediately tear to reveal The Masterpiece)

Ice: ..........

(Mr. Kronick just laughs as they leave the ring)

Netto Cash defeated Jason Voorhees
(Regular Match)
This was a match that shouldn't have happened. A match between a deranged man and a gun and a living monster. But it did. Jason Voorhees was easily able to man handle Netto tossing him from ring post to ring post with ONE hand. Netto was clearly out matched against this beast; the number one contender. Netto decided he only had one move that could do the trick. He pulled out his glock and began to shoot Jason Voorhees. The crowd turned silent and everyone watched... to see Jason Voorhees continue to move towards Netto Cash. Netto then shot him again and again and packet bombed him over the top rope sending Voorhees down on one knee. Jason looked irked... but he was still good to go. Netto guarded the apron with his glock allowing him to get the count out victory.

Josh Heartbrand defeated Daniel MI (c)
(Knock Out Match, Non-Title)
In the third match between these two it was JHB who was victorious. Perhaps it was because Daniel MI was still nursing an injury to his right shoulder from the last bout between these two; but it was obvious from the get go that Daniel was not at 100%. JHB was unrelenting in this knock out match delivering five Return To Hartford's in a row before allowing the referee to verify that Daniel MI was indeed KOed. JHB then took a microphone.

JHB: Daniel MI. You'll have to watch this later in the ER when you're awake. But when you are, I want you to know this. Hell's Kitchen there's only one thing in the oven. Your ass. Me and you. A cage. No more excuses. Only one winner. Only one true man.

Charlton J defeated Jericho (c)
Jericho (c) defeated The Rock
compro defeated Jericho (c)
H}{H defeated Jericho (c)
(Main Event, Gauntlet Match, Non-Title)
Everyone knew this was a mock match; a mere way of punishing Jericho. However, many people thought Jericho would pull out some sort of trick to yet again defy Mr. Kronick and emerge on top. It seems like the magician wasn't present this week for Jericho's magic. He was pinned three times and almost a fourth until all chaos broke out. When Compro, HHH, The Rock and Charlton J stood to pose over Jericho, Compro and Charlton J knocked The Rock to the ground and jericho placed his arm over the rock for the pin as HHH was distracted fighting off Compro and Charlton J. Suddenly, all the men in the ring began fighting each other until.... MARLEY G came out to the ring with a baseball bat in hand. He laid out everyone in the ring and took the microphone but had to wait three minutes for the fans to stop cheering.


(The lights went out)

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