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- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

iMPACT! - February 16th 2009

(No Chance plays over the KronTron as Mr. Kronick makes his way to the ring carrying a black briefcase)

Mr. Kronick: I know, I know. Everyone wants to know just what it is that I have in this briefcase. Well ladies and gentlemen, for the first time in over two years a new title is being introduced to the IWWF. A title unlike any before it. Everyone knows that these days we live in troubling times. Country against country in this economic situation. Well now IWWF Superstars will have the chance to represent their country with the Patriot Championship. Whoever holds this title will be the champion of their respective country!

(Mr. Kronick shows the title belt that has a big hole where a Flag should be in the middle of the belt. It is there the champion's home flag will be displayed)

Mr. Kronick: I wish all the participants the best of...

(Suddenly the lights go out as pink lasers begin to illuminate the ring. Smoke rises up as gasps are heard from the crowd. A hush falls when finally the lights go back on to reveal Ice wearing street clothes, jeans and a t-shirt, holding Mr. Kronick in a black bag over his shoulder, with a microphone in hand)

Ice: You've driven me over the f**king edge Kronick. You know I was all smiles, happiness, rainbows and cotton candy. That's what I'ma ll about you know! Spreading love and cheer, relaxing everyone!! BUT IT WASNT f**kING GOOD ENOUGH WAS IT MR KRONICK!?!?! WAS IT!?!?!? YOU DONT LIKE HOW I RUN THINGS!?!?! YOU DONT LIKE HOW I RUN THINGS!!??!?!? WELL WHOS IN CHARGE NOW!!!

(Security guards come towards the ring with taser guns in hand)

Ice: No. No. NO!!! You can't stop me!! YOU WONT STOP ME!!! I will have the final laugh! I AM IN CHARGE NOW! YOU HEAR ME!?!? ICE IS IN CHARGE AGAIN!!!

(The guards now begin climbing into the ring)


(The lights go out again and the pink lasers return as loud thumping noises are heard. Finally the lights come back on to reveal the security guards all laid out and painted in rainbow colors. Ice and Mr. Kronick are no where to be seen)

H0LLYWOOD defeated The Rock
(Regular Match, Round 1 of Patriot Championship Tournament)
In the first of the Patriot Title matches Hollywood was able to finally pull out a victory on impact when he upset The Rock in this exciting bout that went through two commercial breaks. The Rock was clearly dissapointed with the result but this would be just one of several U.S.A victories on impact.

Compro defeated H}{H
(Regular Match, Round 1 of Patriot Championship Tournament)
It was clear from the opening bell that HHH's heart was not in this match. He was lethargic, out of step, and generally seemed to not be paying attention to his bout. Compro took advantage of HHH's disinterest by rolling him up after reversing HHH's attempt at The Pedigree. HHH merely shrugged after the match and made his way to the back to the confusion of the fans. Compro would be the only person representing a country other than the United States to advance in the Patriot Title tournament.

Netto Cash defeated Charlton J
(Regular Match, Round 1 of Patriot Championship Tournament)
This turned out to be one of the most interesting matches of the evening. Before the match Netto Cash placed a bullet right in the right knee cap of Charlton J. Netto Cash used this to his advantage in the match to simply knock Charlton J to the mat and cover him for an easy three count. Charlton J was then rushed off to the hospital where he announced his intention to take his vengeance on Netto Cash.

Josh Heartbrand defeated Pyro Blitz
(Regular Match, Round 1 of Patriot Championship Tournament)
Everyone was excited for the much anticipated return to the IWWF Ring of PyroBlitz. He made a great to do about his coming back to represent his home country of Australia in this bout. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that fellow Aussie, compro, interfered in the bout when the referee was out to knock JHB uncouncious. It would not be enough however as JHB was able to recover from the dastardly interference and regain control of the match and his first victory since the PPV. Pyro Blitz escaped to the outside of the ring where compro helped support him over his shoulder. The Aussie Alliance announced that JHB would not be so lucky in the tag-title tournament.

Sarah Ng Vs. Undertaker
Special Guest Referee: Banging
(Regular Match, IRC Championship)
Undertaker came to the ring with great confidence with his newly shining IRC Championship. He looked thingyy and excited to defend the belt. He didn't see what was coming obviously. Several minutes into the match Undertaker missed a clothesline on Sarah that hit Banging instead. Sarah took advantage of the moment to low blow Undertaker and roll him up for a pin. However, no one was there to make the count. She tried to wake Banging up but to no avail. The match continued until Banging, groggily, made it back up to his feet and Kiwi Bombed both Taker and Sarah Ng. He covered them, counted three, and picked up the IRC Championship which he then proceeded to place over his shoulder and leave the arena with.

IWWF Spokesman Zachary Bell came out to the ring. He explained that he would be acting GM until Mr. Kronick was located and rescued from the demonic Ice. Mr. Bell announced that Banging was NOT the IRC Champion and that next week on Impact, Sarah and Undertaker would face off again with the winner fighting Banging.

Jason Voorhees defeated Daniel MI
(Regular Match)
It was supposed to be a victory tour for Daniel. He had just finished off JHB in a grueling cage match, though a decisive win, and continue his momentum against the living beast and RR winner, Voorhees. He found out quickly that fighting a technical legend like JHB is not the same as fighting a powerhouse monster such as Voorhees. Jason Voorhees showed no mercy on the still banged up and bruised Daniel MI as he easily tossed him around like a rag doll and pinned him. After the bout Daniel MI grabbed a microphone.

Daniel MI: You know, I deserve a little more respect around here than this. I just beat one of the greatest IWWF Champions of all times in a feud and this is what I get? A match with this... with this... freak of nature?? This is unacceptable. I am worthy of IWWF Gold, not people who should be on Ripley's believe it or not. I want a bout, one on one, with Marley G, and I want it next week.

(Marley G comes out)

Marley G: Ha Ha mate. Is that so? You want to fight the Champ you lil punk? Marley G accepts challenges any time, any where, any how, any place. You bring your pimply lil ol ass out to Marley's pub next week on Impact and I'll be glad to kick your ass around like a rugby ball.

Marley G (c) defeated Jericho
(Main Event, Hardcore Match, IWWF Championship)
Marley G. What else needed to be said? One of the longest reigning IWWF Champions in history and one of the most winningest did it again. He pulled out another card from his sleeve and was able to defeat Jericho even after HHH attempted to get his revenge. HHH's sneak attack halfway in the bout backfired as Marley G was able to duck the chair shot and Jericho went down. Marley G covered Jericho in front of an irate HHH as the referee counted 1...2...3. HHH then got a microphone as Marley G was handed the IWWF Championship.

HHH: You got lucky Marley. That's all you've ever been about... L U C K. You know that. I know that. You turned your back on me. Let me remind you what happened to the last person who turned their back on Triple H. They ain't around to tell the f**kin story Marley. We had a deal. A plan. An agreement. An arragment. Use what ever f**king word from the dictionary you want. You're a marked man Marley. I don't care if it's Daniel MI. I don't give a nuts if it's Jason Voorhees. When you're in that ring, Marley G, your ass will belong to Triple H. You better keep your head turned around to that British piece of nuts buttox of yours. Because that's where Triple H's foot is locked on to during your matches. You will lose that Championship. You will lose MY Championship. And then all that will be left will be to pick it up from the person who is unlucky enough to take it from you with my help.

(Marley G stares down HHH and holds up the IWWF Championship as he points to the name plate: Marley G. The cameras go out)

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