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iMPACT! - April 27th 2009

- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

The show began with New Generation coming out for an interview. Fans had a mixture of boos and cheers for these tweeners as Daemon X, Jason Voorhees, Shen Du HBK, Sith and Pixelmixer made their way to the ring. Shen Du HBK took the microphone.

Shen Du HBK: Everytime I step on to the soccer field people keep asking me about IWWF. They ask me, "Shen, oh Lord of all that is Wrestling, when will you return to the ring to dominate?" What these people don't seem to understand is that I've been there done that. I've dominated every person in this federation, retired them all. No one can match up against me so I have nothing to prove. But that doesn't mean I will turn my back on New Generation the only thing still witty or original here in the IWWF. People have begun to doubt New Generation. They look to the loss of the IWWF Title and they begin thinking to themselves that maybe NG isn't as strong as it used to be. All I can reveal to you is that New Generation has plans, we always have plans. We let the great jobber known as The Rock have his moment in the sun. I mean come on that guy was annoying as f**k going on and on all the time about not having ever won the IWWF Title. The guy was making my ears bleed. If you look in this ring right now you are staring at all former IWWF Champions, legends, heroes. We tried playing by the rules but it didn't work. I have spoken to Mr. Kronick. Shen Du HBK is once again GM of IWWF: Impact. I run this show now. That's why tonight we'll be putting JHB and The Rock out of their sad misery in the main event. Two whiners defeated at once, it doesn't get much better. Jason, do you have anything to add?

(Shen goes to hand the microphone to Jason who clearly cannot speak, laughs at him, then hands the mic to Pixelmixer)

Pixelmixer: I hate black persons.... (Shen quickly takes the microphone away as the new GM of Impact, Shen Du HBK leads his New Generation out of the ring)
H0LLYWOOD defeated Ice via pinfall
(Regular Match)
This match seemed like it would be a normal Opener for Impact but everything quickly changed after Hollywood scored the pinfall. Two unknown individuals to the IWWF, Queen Ino and an unknown man came with her to the ring. They immediately laid HOLLYWOOD out and helped Ice up. None of them spoke or said anything about the matter as the fans looked on confused.
Sith defeated Netto Cash via pinfall
(Patriot Contendership, Regular Match)
This was a well fought match between two savy veterans but at the end New Generation resorted to their usual tactics. As Netto Cash reached for his glock to put an end to the match Daemon X came out from underneath the ring and performed his Black Magic on Netto Cash. Sith quickly pinned Netto Cash and became #1 Contender to the Patriot Title.
Shaun Swagger defeated Sarah NG via pinfall
(Patriot Title, Regular Match)
Sarah had the chance to bring the Patriot Championship back to the great and mighty empire of Malaysia. It was not meant to be though on this night as Shaun continued his dominance of the Patriot division again laying waste to another competitor with quick ease. Swagger took a microphone after the match and said that he was sick of the pathetic competition being brought against him. He announced that next week after he defeats Sith and once again remains champion that he is looking forward to adding the IRC Championship to his collection.
Jericho defeated Pixelmixer via DQ
(Regular Match)
Another match with Jericho. Another New Generation beat down. New Gen took the opportunity to have everyone except Jason and Shen lay Jericho out as they drove chairs into his sternum and knees. Jericho was rolled out on a stretcher as neither compro nor Undertaker were willing to help Jericho without knowing who would be the other half of the tag-champions. Pixelmixer continued to laugh even as IWWF Security removed him from the building for the onslaught.
Banging defeated Shinigami via pinfall
(IRC Title, Regular Match)
The Greatest IRC Champion in years continued to destroy challengers as he was able to defeat the up and coming Shinigami in what was a fun match, but one that Shinigami was not quite ready for.
Compro defeated Undertaker via powerbomb through the table
(Regular Match For One Half Of The Tag-Team Titles)
Undertaker made his return from his injury but it looked like he still had ring rust. Compro was able to take advantage of this and defeat Undertaker. After the match Undertaker was furious and began to destroy IWWF property around the arena. He vowed he would won win the tag-titles with a partner of his own choosing.
The Rock & Josh Heartbrand defeated Jason Voorhees & Pixelmixer via pinfall
(Tag-Team Match)
Everyone knew this match would see interference and craziness. No one knew when it would come. JHB and Jason Voorhees locked up with each other for the first time in ages as the fans cheered loudly. JHB was able to keep voorhees in the match and prevent him from tagging out to Pixelmixer. The Rock was tagged in and continued to work on Jason Voorhee's leg when the inevitable appearance of Daemon X and Sith came. They surrounded the ring with baseball bats and prepared to enter. That is when the two mysterious outsiders from earlier in the night came out and began brawling with Sith and Daemon X. Mayhem ensued in the ring as everyone was confused about what was going on. Pixelmixer finally tagged in and began to dominate both JHB and The Rock. It looked like Pixelmixer was going to win the match when Mintzs came out from the stands and laid Pixelmixer out with a chair shot to the head. Josh Heartbrand returned pixelmixer to hartford and pinned him as the newly named Immortals, JHB and The Rock, defeated New Generation.

What did these two new people want? Why did Mintzs interfere? What will Shen Du HBK do for next weeks Impact? Tune in to find out!

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