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iMPACT! - May 4th 2009

- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

Frosty defeated Adiktive via DQ
(Regular Match)
The match was fast paced and was better than what was expected out of a rusty Adiktive. However, Frosty was able to take over the match until New Generation made their way out to the ring. They began to pummel both Frosty and Adiktive and toss them out of the ring. Shen Du HBK began bouncing a soccer ball off of Frosty's head up and down as he was booed loudly before climbing into the ring as well and beginning to speak.

Shen Du HBK: Please, Please, save the applause! I'm so happy to see all of you too! I'm beginning to wonder if perhaps the IWWF is biased against us. The Quicken Loans Arena? Everyone knows that Shen Du HBK is from LA. You're going to have Jason fight for the IWWF Championship in Cleveland? We'll just have to make things a bit more fair. If the Iron Man ends in a draw, Jason Voorhees will be declared the IWWF Champion. (Loud Boos). Being GM is great I love this. Now as far as Flecko or whatever his name the guy who looks like the man from chainsaw massacre part of that stable. What's it called? (Pixelmixer whispers in Shen's ear) Ah, yes The Beautiful People. Flecko is hereby fired. Goodbye. Sianara. Enjoy the beaches of LA. Scoot. (More Boos) And to make things even more fair, tonight with Shaun Swagger vs. The Rock, Jason Voorhees will be the special guest referee. So if anyone else has any complaints please bring them to my attention. That is all.

(New Generation's music plays as the GM, Shen Du HBK, and the rest of the gang leave the ring)
Shinigami defeated Pixelmixer via DQ
(Regular Match)
Shinigami got the victory but not the way he had envisioned. Mintzs made his way out to the ring and began to taunt Pixelmixer. Finally pixelmixer shouted out several racial epitaphs and tossed Mintzs into the ring as the two began exchanging punches and a disqualification was called after Pixelmixer tossed the referee out of the ring. Mintzs was able to overpower Pixelmixer and toss him over the rope as he grabbed a microphone.

Mintzs: So I betcha wondering Pixelmixer, just why oh why is Mintzs picking on you? Well there's several reasons. One, I want that Money In The Bank briefcase you got there. For too long have I sat back and watch you and your NG friends piss on this joint. Mintzs is going to bring honor back to the IWWF and it starts with taking away what you hold dearest from you. Your title shot. See, I always knew you were a selfish prick Pixelmixer. That's why I targeted what you desire more than anything. Glory. I'm going to take it all away from you. Because you've been killing peoples dreams for years with your needless hate and bigotry. Mintzs is going to finish you off Pixelmixer and I'll enjoy the finest Scotch as I do it.

Pixelmixer: You f**king kike spick black person piece of nuts. You want me? You got me. Night of Champions. Be prepared to say hi2shen pregnant dog.

(Pixelmixer stares on with a growl as it fades to a commercial)
Sith defeated Sarah NG via DQ
(Regular Match)
Sith came out to his customary dark entrance and fans gave him a mixed reaction. Sarah clearly was the face in this match as the two fought for about five minutes before Ice and Queen Ino came out. They attacked Sith who was awarded the disqualification victory.

Ice: Everyone knows I LOVE everyone!!!! But there's one person who just gets me a wee little bit a-n-g-r-y!!! Shen Du HBK. He always feels like he needs to be better than everyone, and that's not fun!!! IWWF is supposed to be about friendship and love!!! That's why an alliance needs to be made to stop this man from destroying IWWF. Next Generation, I propose that you join me and Queen Ino, The Beautiful People, two stables as one, to put an end to New Generation and its evil leader Shen Du HBK!

(Compro and Jericho come out wearing the tag-titles)

Jericho: Ice, I must admit, you are clearly a f*g**t (cheers), but there's one thing that pisses me off more even than you're gayness, and that is Shen Du HBK and his unfair booking and favoritism. I will do whatever it takes to put an end to this clown.

(The four shake hands and a new alliance is born)
The Next Generation (Jericho & Compro) defeated Undertaker & Tag-Partner via DQ
(Tag-Title Match)
Undertaker was unable to find a tag-partner and Jericho and Compro made quick work of undertaker, injuring him and putting him out of competition for a while to come.
Queen Ino defeated H0LLYWOOD via pinfall
(Regular Match)
In her first sanctioned match in the IWWF, Queen Ino defeated the rookie of the year in what was a close match. What was most interesting was New Generation's absence from a match in what most assumed what include a run in.
Ice defeated Banging via DQ
(Non-Title Regular Match)
In what was a preview of their IRC Title Match at Night of Champions, the two locked up in the middle of the ring. However, New Generation made their appearance as the enforcer, Daemon X, cloaked in all black, delivered the Black Magic to Ice instantly knocking him out. Banging smiled as he carried his IRC Championship to the back. Daemon X continued the brutal onslaught before grabbing the microphone.

Daemon X: Young child. Do not fear the cold. Do not fear the darkness. It is your death that awaits. New Generation does not worry about the trivial alliance you hope to establish. Your handshake has sealed your fate. An example will be made of you. I wish your soul a peaceful rest.

Daemon X then tossed the microphone down and the lights went out. Screams were heard and when the lights returned all that remained was ice lying in a pool of blood. Fans looked on in horror as EMT members of IWWF hit the ring to rush Ice to a hospital.
Josh Heartbrand defeated Jason Voorhees via pinfall
(Regular Match)
Immortals member, Josh Heartbrand, was able to defeat Jason Voorhees cleanly with The Return To Hartford in the center of the ring. It came as a surprise to many considering Jason Voorhees impressive size and strength. However, Jason Voorhees looked distracted the entire match. New Generation was again noticeably missing from the match.
Shaun Swagger defeated The Rock via pinfall
(Non-Title Regular Match)
Special Referee: Jason Voorhees
This match became mayhem quickly. New Generation came out and laid The Rock out as Shaun shrugged his shoulders and pinned The Rock as Jason made the three count. Shaun then became thingyy and grabbed a microphone.

Shaun Swagger: IWWF Champion. Defeated. IRC Champion. Defeated. Patriot Title. Mine. No one else remains to beat. That's why I want the so-called 31 Time IWWF Champion at Night of Champions. With that last victory there will be no question in anyone's mind that I am the rightful #1 Contender.

Pixelmixer looked over to see Shaun running his mouth and laid him out quickly. Shaun was rolled out of the ring as the beat down of The Rock continued before the new alliance of Next Generation and Queen Ino of The Beautiful People came to the ring. They began to fight New Generation as Josh Heartbrand of the Immortals came out as well. Next Generation/The Beautiful People (Queen Ino)/Immortals all were taking on Sith, Daemon X, Jason Voorhees, Pixelmixer and Shen Du HBK. Just when things couldn't get any crazier Kanye West's Amazing played over the speakers and Netto Cash made his way to the ring carrying a glock. He shot warning rounds into the air and began helping the newly formed alliance. Just when New Generation looked like they would have to retreat that's when the betrayal came. Netto Cash turned around and began shooting at the new alliance. JHB, The Rock, Compro, Queen Ino and Jericho were forced to flee as Shen Du HBK handed a check to Netto Cash and fans booed loudly. New Generation's music played over the speakers to end the show.

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