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iMPACT! - May 18th 2009
- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

GM Shen Du HBK Speaks on Jason Voorhees and Mintzs
(Don't Break My Heart, My Achy Breaky Heart, begins to play in the arena heralding the arrival of the GM of Impact, former IWWF Champion and leader of New Generation, Shen Du HBK. Fans boo loudly as Shen makes his way to the ring looking noticeably annoyed)

Shen Du HBK: I guess I'm just going to have to do everything around here myself. But that's fine with me. Tonight ladies and gentlemen, will be a night that none of you will ever forget. It will go down in history, in the annals of time. I said on Live that New Generation would bring madness, chaos, anarchy, to the IWWF. You all will be witnesses to that tonight. It starts with the Main Event. A lot of people call my multiple secretaries saying, "Shen, when is there going to be a title defense against a non New Generation member?" If there's one thing that I hate, it's being called unfair. Chaos is completely fair, and that's why I'm going to unleash it tonight. The Rock will defend his IWWF Championship against his close friend and some dare even say girlfriend, Sarah Ng. To keep his championship, The Rock will be forced to knock out the girl he likes on the side. It's pure gold.

Next. I never authorized the Money in the Bank match at Night of Champions. The match is null and void. Mintzs. I demand you bring me back the briefcase now.

(Mintzs comes out from the back holding a microphone)

Mintzs: I dun think Shen, that you're in a position to be demanding anything of me. (Fans cheer loudly as Mintzs swings the briefcase back and forth) You see Shen, you're out numbered the way I look at it.

Shen Du HBK: (Laughing) Out numbered? Are you hiding someone else under your kilt? I am the leader of New Generation, you on the other hand are alone.

Mintzs: This is from ol' Minty.

(Suddenly Shen is attacked from behind by Josh Heartbrand and The Rock. They lay punch after punch into the side of his head before hoisting him up and holding him by his arms. Mintzs comes into the ring)

Mintzs: Shen. Listen here. You're going to book it right now. Mintzs against Pixelmixer at the King of the Ring. You'll hang both briefcases up in the middle of this ring. The winner will be the undisputed holder of the Money in the Bank. You talk about chaos. You talk about madness. This is somethin the IWWF has never seen before.

Shen Du HBK: (Groaning) Fine. Let me go and it's set.

Mintzs: My pleasure.

(Mintzs slams the briefcase into the jaw of Shen Du HBK as the other members of New Generation come out. Mintzs, Josh Heartbrand and The Rock hold their ground in the ring as a commercial break is taken)
CT defeated Adiktive
(Hardcore Match, Loser Gets Fired!)
(As CT and Adiktive wait in the ring to begin the match, the KronTron shows Shen Du HBK in the back of his plush GM locker room bleeding from the mouth. He notices the camera is on him and speaks, outraged)

Shen Du HBK: No Problem. No Problem. Shen is fine. Shen is fine. Everything is great. Everything. Is. Going. According. To. Plan. That's why the chaos starts in this match. As GM of Impact, the loser of this match will be fired. No paycheck. No groceries. No insurance. Gone. Fired. Good bye. Good luck.

(The fans look on in disbelief as CT immediately capitalizes on this and takes Adiktive down with a clothesline. CT begins to stomp Adiktive repeatedly with glee. The match continues for several minutes but ultimately CT is victorious with the pinfall. Achy Breaky Heart plays as Shen Du HBK comes out)

Shen Du HBK: Adiktive. You know the rules. You're fired. Security. Arrest this man for trespassing on IWWF property. He is not an employee here.

(The police officers arrest Adiktive and remove him from the building)
H0LLYWOOD defeated Banging
(Regular Match)
In what was H0LLYWOOD's first victory in the IWWF in quite some time, he was able to defeat the IRC Champion, cleanly in the middle of the ring. Banging looked slower then usual, perhaps because of the increased amount of matches he has been fighting as the IRC Champion. Either way, it looks as though H0LLYWOOD's IWWF career has been rejuvenated after this convincing victory.
Josh Heartbrand defeated Netto Cash
(Regular Match)
Josh Heartbrand called out Netto Cash previously on Live for turning his back on the IWWF by agreeing to be the hired help of New Generation. Netto Cash explained there were no hard feelings, he just had to put food on the table and pay for his living expenses such as internet. JHB was not satisfied with that explanation and told Netto he would see him in the ring. That's exactly what happened. Josh Heartbrand came out to cheers for the first time in a while as Netto was booed for turning his back on the IWWF. Netto Cash wore a suit to the ring and was not carrying his glock. He grabbed a microphone.

Netto Cash: Yo. I know you all be hatin on me. But you got to see. I am wearing a suit now. Shen takes care of me. He treats me right. All you fans what have you ever done for me? Did you buy my Netto virus protection? Did you buy my packet express packages? No. You just kept on cheering with your mouths but not your wallets. Well that ain't enough for Netto Cash. Fuck man, I can't even afford ammo for my glocks. I did what I had to do. Fuck you.

(Josh Heartbrand knocked the mic out of Netto's hands and the two fought a physical match that saw Josh Heartbrand victorious with a Return to Hartford)
Compro defeated Jericho
(Hardcore Match)
(Jericho came out with a microphone)

Jericho: Compro. Why? Why? Why did you abandon me at the Night of Champions? Why did you abandon your friend? The tag-titles? Why? That's what everyone here in this sold out arena to see Jericho wants to know. Come out now and explain to all of these Jerichoholics why you turned your back on ayatolla of Impact.

(Compro comes out looking confident as ever, not bothered by Jericho's words)

Compro: It's real simple. I am the Number One Contender to the IWWF Championship. I will have my shot down the road at once again becoming the best there is. Jericho. Your career has passed its peak. Your career is over. Mine is just beginning. Like Kobe Bryant, I am in my prime. You're the Shaq of the IWWF. You might have been dominant in the past, but all you are now is a sorry useless shell of what you once were. I can't be associated with has-beens and nobodies going no where. The sky is the limit for my merchandising and possible future ventures. I will not have it tainted by carrying your useless dead weight ass around the IWWF.

(Jericho charged out of the ring to fight Compro, however Compro removed a pair of brass knuckles from his tights and landed them square in the head of Jericho, busting him open. The match was over before it had even begun)
Shaun Swagger defeated Shinigami
(Regular Match, Patriot Championship)
Shaun Swagger made quick and easy work out of Shinigami defeating him without breaking a sweat. Shaun Swagger kicked his opponent out of the ring after retaining his championship and spit on his body that lay on the floor. He grabbed a microphone after hosting his championship over his shoulder.

Shaun Swagger: How many Impacts will I have to dominate before the IWWF notices me? It is time for my shot. It is time for my chance at the IWWF Championship. I have beat Josh Heartbrand. I have beaten The Rock. I have beaten everyone there is to beat. It is my time. I am sick of facing these jobbers week in and week out. Next week on Impact, I guarantee the IWWF will finally begin to take notice to Shaun Swagger. They won't have a choice not to.
Sarah NG defeated The Rock
(Regular Match, IWWF Championship)
This was one of the most amazing moments in IWWF History. The Rock came out to loud cheers as the Immortals member carried his IWWF Championship proudly over his shoulder, the one he had so valiantly and impressively defended against Jason Voorhees only a night before at the Night of Champions. He waited in the ring as Sarah Ng, wearing a dress, came out to the ring also to cheers, looking nervous and confused. She and The Rock stared at each other before The Rock began to speak.

The Rock: Finally. The Rock, has come back to New Orleans. (Cheers) Now Shen Du HBK that heaping pile of monkey poo comes out here and thinks he can tell The Rock who and who not to defend to. The Rock will not defend against his favorite piece of pootang pie, Sarah. The Rock is many things. The Great One. The Champion. But The Rock is not a woman beater.

(Sarah Ng hugs The Rock as the referee waits in the ring and the bell is rung. The two refuse to fight as Achy Breaky Heart begins to play and Shen Du HBK comes to the ring)

Shen Du HBK: I promised everyone in this sold out crowd a night of madness. We've seen partner turn on partner. A man fired. But we have not seen enough chaos yet. Sarah, I'm about to offer you a choice.

(Sarah looks on confused when suddenly Shen puts down the microphone and delivers Sweet Chin Music to The Rock knocking him out. Shen steps out of the ring and heads to the back as Sarah stands in the middle of the ring pondering her situation. The referee is waiting. The crowd is watching. Her boyfriend, The Rock, is laying on his back dead middle in the ring. The IWWF Championship sits in the lap of the timekeeper. Everything is ready. Everything is there. This could be it. Her moment. Her chance. The money. The endorsements. The fame. The glory. The history. Sarah lays on top of The Rock as the referee counts One....Two.....THREE. The crowd goes ballistic as Sarah Ng is announced as the NEW IWWF CHAMPION. The referee raises her am and the IWWF Championship is placed around her waist and IWWF Impact goes off the air)

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