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iMPACT! - June 1st 2009
"Who Is Champion?"
- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

GM Shen Du HBK discusses the IWWF Title Situation And The Main Event for King of the Ring
Don't Break My Heart. My Achy Breaky Heart. The crowd rises to its feet booing the GM of Impact, Shen Du HBK. His video montage plays over the KronTron showing repeatedly him making the three count that cost Sarah Ng the title. Finally, after what seems like ten minutes, Shen Du HBK walks out with the IWWF Championship hoisted over his shoulder. He's wearing a brown suit with a striped blue and white shirt underneath and sporting fashionable alligator loafers. Shen has a pair of red sunglasses on as he slowly makes his way to the ring, an IWWF microphone in his right hand. He climbs the ring stairs to the apron, enters through the middle ropes, and stands in the middle of the ring with a huge smile.

Shen Du HBK: I promised the world Anarchy. And what other way to cause more chaos then to cause the IWWF Championship to end up on the shoulder of none other than Shen Du HBK. (Boos) Everyone has been BBMing me as of late trying to find out, "Shen, who is the IWWF Champion?" Well let me ask all of you in attendance, who do YOU think is IWWF Champion? Apparently, some how, anyone is allowed in the building these days, as Eneru has somehow found himself into the good graces of Joshua Kronick and informed me that Jason Voorhees could not win the IWWF Championship based on last weeks result. This leaves me with no choice other than to declare the IWWF Championship vacant. I think the only fair match would be Jason Voorhees vs. Sarah Ng for the IWWF Championship at the King of the Ring. That's why...

IF YA SMELL!!!!!!!! What The Rock.... Is Cooking!!! The Rock's music plays over the speakers and the curtains part to reveal The Rock in spandex training pants and a Rock jersey, carrying a microphone. He soaks in the cheers of the fans as he stands on the top of the entrance platform.

The Rock: Shen Du HBK. Know your roll and SHUT your mouth. No one here paid there thirty dollars to see your washed up brad pitt wannabe, wanda sykes whining ass, run your mouth all Impact long. (Cheers) You and the rest of New Generation know that The Rock was screwed in his supposed "rematch," last week on Impact. Shen Du HBK, I am asking, no I am telling your gorilla feces jabroni face to give The Rock what he deserves, his rematch for the IWWF Championship.

Shen Du HBK: Security. Security. Have this gentlemen removed from the arena. His obscenity is creating a scene and will jeopardize our agreements with our corporate sponsors. Get him out of here.

The lights turn off as a familiar tune plays over the speakers. Finally, Eneru's IWWF KronTron video plays and the fans go ballistic as Eneru makes his way out.

Eneru: I was afraid that would be your answer Shen. That's why I went straight to IWWF Owner, Mr. Kronick himself, and had him personally sign the main event for King of the Ring. In one corner it will be The Rock. (Cheers) In the other, Sarah Ng. And, in the third, Jason Voorhees. At the King of the Ring, we will find out who truly is deserving of the IWWF Championship at the event that I, Eneru, put on the map.

Shen Du HBK:Still bitter about your loss to me Eneru? That's ok. Because as GM, I will decide what type of match the Main Event will be. And I guarantee you, it will live up to the Chaos I have promised to bring to the IWWF in the name of New Generation. Until King of the Ring, the IWWF Championship will remain in my custody. Too-do-loo boys.
Netto Cash defeated Queen Ino
(Hardcore Match, Shen Allows Queen Ino Back for Glock Match Preparation)
This match was meant to be practice for Netto Cash's match against Josh Heartbrand at the King of the Ring. It served that purpose quite well. The hired arm of New Generation, Netto Cash, came out to the ring to loud boos due to his decision to turn his back on the IWWF and pursue money instead. Queen Ino was already in the ring when Impact came back from commercial break and Netto Cash wasted no time smacking the taste out of Queen Ino's mouth several times before whipping her into the ropes. Queen Ino came back for a clothesline but Netto Cash ducked, removed a glock from his side pocket, and shot several rounds into the right knee of Queen Ino. The recently fired superstar from last week immediately fell to the ground, crimson blood covering the mat. Netto Cash stuffed a hundred dollar bill into the pocket of the referee, made the pin, and the three count was a foregone conclusion. Netto Cash kicked Queen Ino out of the ring and delivered a promo.

Netto Cash: yo yo yo, cut the fucken music.. Josh heartbrand!! So you want a piece of NNNNetto Cash? I tried twice to give you a chance to just walk away, and find someone else to mess with.. But I guess now, since you continue getting us booked every week in a match against each other that i'm gonna have to put you down for the 1...2...3 with teh packetbomb, nigga

* Netto Cash pauses for a minute, and listens to a mixed reaction from the crowd with boos and cheers.

Netto Cash: At King Of The Ring, Glock or Not, i'm gonna packetbomb your arse so hard your ancestors will feel it.. Oh Yeah.. Heartbrand.. don't forget your vest ;)

* Netto Cash tosses the microphone at the time keeper, shoots another bullet into the air, then rolls out of the ring, and heads back to his locker room.
H0LLYWOOD defeated mintzs
(Hardcore Match)
H0LLYWOOD was able to continue his winning ways on Impact with a critical victory over the former IWWF Champion, Mintzs, albeit, with a little bit of help from New Generation member, Pixelmixer. H0LLYWOOD missed a critical Hollywood Leg Drop late into the match and Mintzs immediately took advantage of the moment and stood H0LLYWOOD up for his finishing maneuver. However, H0LLYWOOD ducked and Mintzs knocked the referee down. Mintzs turned around and then body slammed H0LLYWOOD and covered him. The referee was still out and this is when Pixelmixer took advantage of the situation. He came out from behind the announcer's table unbeknown to Mintzs. Pixelmixer shouted "heads up nigggggggger" and smashed a chair over Mintzs' head. H0LLYWOOD was able to cover the downed Mintzs and the referee woke back up with some assistance from Pixelmixer and H0LLYWOOD was victorious.
Jericho defeated Shox
(Patriot Title Contendership, Regular Match)
It seemed as if after Jericho and Compro broke up and went their separate ways that Compro was destined for a showdown with destiny for a chance to regain the IWWF Championship. But where would Jericho go? This was his chance on Impact, a shot to face off against the Patriot Champion, the third highest title in the industry. But first, Jericho would have to get past Shox, the returning former IWWF Legend. It was a hard fought battle but in the end Jericho was able to take advantage of Shox's ring rust and become victorious. Jericho was seen shedding a tear after the match, happy that his losing streak had finally come to an end.

Compro Speaks
Compro is sitting in his locker room as IWWF announcer, Zachary Bell, comes to interview him.

Zachary Bell: Mr. Compro, #1 Contender, you asked for this interview, what is on your mind?

Compro: It's real simple Mr. Zachary. Over two months ago I won the right to become the #1 Contender to the IWWF Championship. And what has happened? Where is my shot? When will I finally get my opportunity? It seems every time I come out here someone else is fighting for my championship. I'm letting everyone know that after King of the Ring, compro is fighting for the championship and I will beat whoever has it. I'm sick of New Generation walking around acting like they're gods. If they want to fight a true god then they need to face compro. That's why I'm challenging any member of New Generation next week who has the guts to fight compro. You'll end up the same way Jericho did.
Jason Voorhees defeated Sarah NG
(Regular Match)
Jason Voorhees came to the ring with his mother. It was unusual for Jason Voorhees these days to bring his mother with him, the mouth and voice of Jason. Fans continued to boo loudly until Sarah Ng was announced and the fans began to give a mixed reaction. She was not wearing wrestling gear which was immediately odd. No one knew just how odd things would get. As Sarah entered the ring and the bell rang, Jason's mother, still standing in the ring, began to exchange some inaudible words with Sarah. Sarah nodded several times before an exchange of some sort was made. Sarah lied down in the middle of the ring, Jason covered her, and was announced the victor, as fans stared on in confusion. What had just happened? Why did Sarah purposely lose? What was exchanged between the mother of Jason and Sarah? What had they spoken about? Sarah began to clarify.

Sarah Ng: Rocky, my sweetheart. You had my love. My respect. My heart. Why couldn't you understand my desires? My wants? My dreams? Is it so bad that I too want to become the best in the industry? What makes me less qualified than you Rock, because I'm a woman? A true man, he respects the desires of those he cares for and is even willing to put them ahead of his own. You weren't able to do that Rock. You pretended to love me, but the only person you love is yourself, and the IWWF Championship. I may have broken your selfish heart and taken the IWWF Championship from you, but I still have one more thing to do. End your hopes and dreams like you wanted to end mine, at the King of the Ring, and defeat you. You see, it's not as important to me winning the Championship, as it is making sure you don't win. That's why I've joined forces with New Generation for the King of the Ring to ensure that you Rock, that you don't win.

The fans boo loudly as Sarah Ng, Jason Voorhees, and Jason's mother, all embrace.

IRC Champion
Banging defeated Shaun Swagger
(Ladder Match, IRC Championship ONLY up for Grabs)

Patriot Champion
In what became an instant classic, Banging was able to defeat Shaun Swagger by retrieving his IRC Championship from the rafters. There were many moments where it looked like Shaun Swagger had the match won and was within hand's reach of the championship but each time the ladder was incorrectly positioned. However, what finally did Shaun Swagger in was when he was about to grab the championship. He looked at the title, looked at the ground where Banging lie, and then decided he was going to prove a point. He flew off the top of the ladder with a shooting star press that did not connect, as Banging rolled out of the way. The rest of the match was over as Banging was able to climb up and grab the championship taking advantage of Swagger's arrogance, and retain the IRC Championship.
New Generation

Tag-Team Champions
The Immortals
Pixelmixer & Sith defeated Josh Heartbrand & The Rock
(Tag-Team Championship Match)
New Generation was able to defeat The Immortals in a closely fought tag-team bout. What was unexpected was the chaos that took place afterwards. Mintzs came out and began brawling with Pixelmixer. This brought out Sarah Ng and Jason Voorhees as everyone exchanged blows in the center of the ring. Finally, compro came out as well to the assistance of The Immortals and Mintzs and began to fight back against New Generation. They were successful and forced New Generation out of the ring. The four men held hands and raised their arms in the air, renewing the alliance in the defense of IWWF.

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