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iMPACT! - June 8th 2009
"King of The Ring Tournament, Round One"
- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

General Manager Shen Du HBK causes chaos for the first KOTR qualifier match.
Impact starts off with the familiar music of The Rock playing over the speakers as the fans get off their feet and begin cheering loudly. The Rock and Josh Heartbrand make their way out and begin to walk down the ramp before pausing. Finally, they point to the curtains and out walks Mintzs and Compro. They all smile and walk towards the ring, slapping the hands of fans in attendance. Josh Heartbrand has a microphone in his hands.

Josh Heartbrand: You know. I've been in the IWWF for a long time. I've seen a lot of things. But I have never, ever, seen a threat to the wrestling industry the size and magnitude that Shen Du HBK threatens to bring. Week in and week out, Shen makes decisions that seem... well borderline crazy. They seem to have no reason behind them. Everyone knows the most difficult enemy is one you cannot predict. Shen is clearly that sort of person. But Shen, that's exactly why we four are gathered here in this ring. The only way to fight chaos is with chaos. You wanted to bring your madness to the IWWF, you wanted to bring back New Generation, well now you have got what you wanted; a war. Even I, Josh Heartbrand, have to give you credit for turning The Rock's own girlfriend against him. You're truly brilliant. But that's why I had to go above your head Shen. I had to bring back Eneru. You and I both know that you never truly beat Eneru at Summerslam. We both know you feared him and still do. A scared opponent is a predictable opponent...

You are looking at IWWF's answer to New Generation, IWWF's answer to Shen Du HBK. The Brotherhood of Immortals. Compro, Josh Heartbrand, Mintzs, The Rock... and ENERU!!!! (Josh Heartbrand points to the entrance way to show Eneru making his way out, wearing a very elaborate pinstripe suit that looks Italian made, the fans are cheering louder than ever, and Eneru walks to the ring, microphone in hand)

Eneru: Shen. You have been running your fucking mouth too much around these parts. I hear you think that the main event of King of the Ring will be Jason Voorhees vs. Sarah Ng vs. The Rock. You think that a two on one is acceptable to the IWWF Board of Directors? These fans don't pay to see that type of bullshit. The main event will be an elimination match. If Sarah and Jason decide to team up they will need to defeat each other to emerge victorious. And Shen, that's straight from the desk of Mr. Kronick himself. (Cheers) IWWF used to stand for Honor, Respect, Greatness. Shen, we will not allow you to tarnish that any longer. This alliance, this... Brotherhood, we are united. You will lose.

(They all stand in the ring together and pose for the fans before exiting)
Edge defeated Netto Cash
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
The Brotherhood of Immortals got their first chance to strike back at New Generation in this match. As Netto Cash began to have the upper hand, Josh Heartbrand came out to ringside and sat down. Netto Cash turned around and began to share words with JHB. JHB smiled and shrugged off Netto's taunts which incited him further. As Netto had one foot through the ropes of the ring Edge quickly grabbed a hold of him and rolled him over for a quick pinfall as Josh Heartbrand exited the ring area immediately.
pixelmixer defeated Frosty
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
Again, New Generation was embarassed on the night of the KOTR qualifying round when Mintzs mercilessly chaired Pixelmixer in the middle of the ring. It was a double-edged sword, on one hand Pixelmixer advanced to the next round via DQ, on the other hand, Pixelmixer will have a tough time winning the next round after the beating he suffered. Conspicuously missing were any New Generation members to the help of Pixelmixer.
H0LLYWOOD defeated Banging
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
Hollywood's winning ways would continue again as the IRC Champion, hot off a huge victory on last weeks impact over Shaun Swagger, would not advance in the King of the Ring tournament. Hollywood used his size advantage to shove Banging around like a rag doll. Banging, a technically versed wrestler, was unable to ever gain a sound advantage against the newly focused and determined Hollywood. He was one step closer to the IRC Championship, and another step closer to becoming King Hollywood.
Compro defeated Jericho
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
It seems as though Compro has Jericho's number. Again, Jericho was defeated by Compro. Perhaps it was the large amount of time the two spent together that enabled Compro to learn Jericho's technique and work regiment. Perhaps it's just luck. Regardless, none of that matters. Compro won again, and the number one contender is closer to becoming the King as well.
Mintzs defeated Shaun Swagger
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
Shaun Swagger's recent misfortune in the ring continued as Mintzs was able to steal the victory from Shaun and move on in the King of the ring tournament. Shaun looked emotionally absent from the match from start to finish. He was clearly bothered by his failure to become the first double champion in recent IWWF memory. Shaun, the poster boy of the IWWF as of late, was beaten by the veteran. Two veterans in a row. Shaun may have to look back into the mirror to find out where to begin his evaluation of his ring progress.
Josh Heartbrand defeated Undertaker
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
Undertaker again tried to make his return and was again unsuccessful as the former IWWF Champion, Josh Heartbrand, was able to defeat him. Netto Cash attempted to return the favor to Josh Heartbrand, coming out with his glock during the match. The referee attempted to keep Netto out but Netto shoved the referee out of the way and pointed his glock at Josh Heartbrand. As Netto pulled the trigger, Josh Heartbrand ducked, the bullet struck the calf of Undertaker rupturing a major artery and causing severe blood loss. Josh Heartbrand was able to Return Netto to Hartford and pin Undertaker for the victory as EMT's came to the ring and escorted Undertaker out on a stretcher.
Shox defeated Shinigami
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
This wasn't even a wrestling match. Shox, the veteran, clearly and convincingly defeated Shinigami with ease in this match. Shox took to the microphone after the match and called out Shaun Swagger. He said that the Australian Championship was a "gay" title and that it was time to bring the championship back to America. Time will tell if Shaun accepts.
Sith defeated Daemon X
(Hardcore Match, KOTR Qualifier)
The Dark Lord, Sith, made his way to the ring with a microphone.

Sith: Daemon X has agreed that it is I who will advance in this match. He is too busy to be troubled with the actions of mortals in this tournament. He is far more than a king, he rules over death itself. Compro. Next Sunday, you will meet your end. Many matches in the IWWF take place and the loser lives to fight another day. In this match, I will not end until I have severed your limbs. Compro, you are not fighting a "match" you are fighting for your life. A meaningless and empty one at that.

(Sith removes his lightsaber and begins to wave it in many directions in impressive form. The fans stared on as Sith moved across the ring in lightning speed before placing his black hood back over his head and walking back to the curtains)
The Rock
Jason Voorhees & Sarah NG
(Hardcore 2 on 1 Match)
It seemed as though the Brotherhood of Immortals would outsmart New Generation again. Sarah Ng never showed up to the match and it wouldn't be till later on that we would find out why. The Rock was able to defeat Jason Voorhees after threatening Jason's mother at ringside. Jason tried to intervene and save his mother but The Rock capitalized and Rock Bottomed the mammoth to the mat and pinned him. The KronTron revealed JHB and Mintzs standing over a chair in the back. Sarah was sitting in it with her arms tied around the back and rope in her mouth. The two smiled as The Rock's music played and it seemed as though the Brother Hood would be victorious over the night. That's when it happened. Those oh so familiar chords played. Don't Break My Heart. My Achy Breaky Heart. Fans booed as Shen Du HBK finally made his appearance. The Rock was still standing in the ring. Shen stared at The Rock from the entrance way, not daring to come closer.

Shen Du HBK: I know, I know. Where as I? Come on, I had a parade to attend for my man Kobe. I just got off of the private jet in time to deliver important news for you all. I promised chaos. I know. And chaos I bring to you. Compro. You had an impressive victory over Jericho tonight. Good job. You will go far in the King of the Ring. Except... well actually you won't. You're gone. Out. Borrrrrrring. Last weeks news. We need someone else to replace him. How about.... THE ROCK's TWIN BROTHER!!!

(Fans look on puzzled as a man, looking identical to The Rock, comes out, and smiles as he shakes hands with Shen. The Rock stares on from the ring, a stoic expression on his face)

Shen Du HBK: Shhh. Shhh. I'm not done. Josh Heartbrand. Didn't I retire you? I'm confused why you're even in this building. That's ok. You have next week off. You won't be fighting. You're out of the tournament. We don't need retirees in the IWWF collecting their social security checks. That's why you'll be replaced by... JEWSER!!!

(Fans boo loudly as Jewser makes his way out to a stunned crowd and gives Shen a huge hug, who tries to shy away from it)


Don't Break my heart. My Achy Breaky Heart. Shen's music plays as The Rock is left standing in the middle of the ring. Who is this twin brother? Is he legit? Jewser in the IWWF!?!? Will Sarah and Jason be forced to fight? Will the Brotherhood of Immortals survive? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK TO FIND OUT!!!

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