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iMPACT! - July 27th 2009
"Shen's Revenge."
- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

Having earned his shot after winning the handicap match, Shen Du HBK promises victory over The Rock.
Don't Break My Heart. My Achy Breaky Heart. The fans rise in unison to boo as the lights dim and green lights illuminate the entrance way. Shen Du HBK, GM of Impact, is about to come out. At least that's what everyone is assuming. With Shen Du HBK, no one is ever truly sure what to assume. Therein lies the danger of dealing with such a man. After a longer than expected delay, Shen Du HBK finally does come out, wearing a tan suit and brown loafers. He looks as arrogant as ever, not phased by the loss that New Generation sustained only a week prior. He climbs into the ring, microphone in hand, and prepares to speak.

Shen Du HBK: ... (He continues to pause) ... (Shen waits another thirty seconds) A wise philosopher once remarked, the best way to defeat your enemy is by confusion. Many of you here look almost giddy. The Rock, your hope, your idol, your hero, has a shot at the championship tonight (cheers). The Rock truly does represent you all very well. A perennial under achiever, much like this audience, a love life worthy of a segment on Jerry Springer, and the habit of always choking when it most matters. Doesn't that sum up all of your lives? One promotion away from that job that you just were never able to get? One number away from winning that lottery. Just one second away from getting that girl's number. Ladies and gentlemen, you think last week New Generation lost? (Laughs) We allowed The Rock to win. I understood that in order to put an end to this "Brotherhood" once and for all we had to cut off the head. What is it about The Rock that makes him who he is? His pride. If I would only be able to embarrass him so badly, injure his reputation, his legacy, he would be undone. I wanted this match to happen. You may ask yourself, if that is so, why didn't I just book this match to begin with? A typical question from a typically unintelligent and unimaginative peon. I had to get The Rock's hope up. I had to get him excited. Give him faith. Promise. He has all of these things now. When the cards come tumbling down so will the "Brotherhood." New Generation will continue to reign on top and the IWWF as you all once knew it will be no more.

Familiar music plays on the speakers as the golden word, ENERU, appears on the KronTron. Fans explode in excitement as the former IWWF Champion appears on stage.

Eneru: You know Shen, you come out here all the time pretending as if you're some mastermind. But you and me both know you're just attempting to cover up for your continual failures. What is your excuse for losing the tag-championships? A great plan as well? I suppose after The Rock destroys Jason tonight that it will be part of your chaos? Shen, I see through your deceit. Your bullshit won't cut it with me. There's only one way to deal with someone as full as hot air as yourself. Popping your balloon. I would like to personally be the one to do it, however, due to injuries I sustained in the ring, it is doubtful that I will ever be able to return to action. (The fan sighs) However, I know someone who will be able to fight you. A nemesis of yours. A man you know all too well. A member of the Brotherhood. JOSH HEARTBRAND. (Crowd goes insane)

Shen Du HBK: (Laughing) Josh Heartbrand? Shouldn't he be in a retirement home in Miami somewhere? I already retired him from this federation once. This is great. Comedic relief. I needed this Eneru. First you can't fight because of the way I schooled you at Summerslam only two years ago. Now you want me to fight another person who's career should have ended with my victory? I suppose next you'll book me against rihyji? This is too good. This is a joke. What a waste of these fans time. What a waste of...

Shen Du HBK turns around to see Josh Heartbrand standing in the center of the ring. JHB lifts Shen up for his 360 Powerbomb, known as The Return To Hartford. Shen hits the ring with a thud as his jacket flies off to the side of the ring. The music of the Brotherhood plays as fans cheer.

Xey vs. Dibiase
(Regular Match)

Match Description.

Jericho vs. Hurricane
(Regular Match, Patriot Title Contendership)

Match Description.

Scar defeated King Shox via DQ
(Regular Match, IRC Title Contendership)

Shox made his royal entry to the ring to the fans approval. He had arranged for six individual's to bow before him as a red carpet was laid out for his entrance. In his hand was a golden scepter which he waved to the crowd. Shox entered the ring, bowed, and left his scepter at ringside as he prepared for the match.

Next was Scar. He was angrier than ever. He continued to feel as though he had been disrespected by the IWWF. Tonight he would show everyone that his previous losses were just ring dust. Scar attacked Shox with a vengeance not seen in quite a while. Everyone could tell that Scar was upset at the arrogance that Shox displayed in his flaunting of his "kingship." Scar dominated the match from beginning until end. Shox could see that this would not be his night. He reached for his scepter and poked it into the right eye of Scar. This sent Scar down to the mat as the referee disqualified him. Shox continued an onslaught as he bludgeoned Scar with the scepter repeatedly on his right knee. He spit at Scar and then broke the scepter over his right leg before rolling out of the ring.

Sith defeated Sarah NG via KO
(Knock Out Match)

Sarah had been ordered to be eliminated. Shen Du HBK himself had given the order. Sarah had failed New Generation and now she would pay. It is no shock that Sith, the Dark Lord, was chosen to fulfill this task. Sith was no stranger to Sarah, nor was he a stranger to... eliminating problems. Sarah was nervous from the beginning. She seemed to be trembling as the lights went out and the Dark Lord made his entrance. Though New Generation is generally disliked, people are still in awe of Sith. As the smoke slowly cleared from the ring, Sith stared at Sarah from underneath his black hood, only his bright yellow eyes showing, his face hidden from view. He motioned with his hand and Sarah began to choke. He continued to clasp his hand tightly and Sarah fell to her knees instantly in pain. The referee begged Sith to stop but he refused. Sarah slowly fell on the mat, passed out. Sith had asphyxiated her. Everyone was wondering, where is The Rock? They didn't have to wonder for too long. The Rock came out, charging the ring like the brahma bull he compares himself to. He laid punch after punch into Sith, who quickly retreated to the back. The Rock tended to Sarah as the show went to a commercial.

Jewser defeated Netto Cash
(Hardcore eXtreme Match, Netto's Rules)

The match was simple. Extreme rules. Netto Cash would have his gun handy. Jewser would not. Netto Cash would win. That's what we all thought. However, IWWF security stopped Netto Cash's plan. The police were tired of Netto Cash "popping caps" here and there with his glock. Netto Cash was immediately arrested upon his arrival to the arena. He was searched for any weapons and they were all confiscated. After Shen sent someone to post bail for him he came out to the match without a weapon. Jewser did not. Jewser was prepared. A steel pipe to the back of the head of Netto Cash and Jewser was victorious in record fashion. But who had called the cops on Netto Cash? Who had alerted them? It turned out Jewser may have been a bit more prepared. It was later revealed that Jewser had made the call that a crime suspect would be at the arena Usually Netto Cash enters through a secret back door to avoid police inspection, but Jewser tipped them off. Will Netto Cash get his revenge?

Compro announces his time has come.
Compro spoke in a taped interview. He explained that he was sick and tired of people forgetting that he was the #1 Contender to the IWWF Championship since he defeated Ice (Blessed be his Memory) a few months prior. He announced that if The Rock would not be successful tonight that he would demand his title shot at Summerslam so that he could bring the championship to The Brotherhood. He showed that he had a contract from Eneru himself to support this claim.

Shaun Swagger defeated Pixelmixer via DQ
(Regular Match, Non-Title)

Patriot Champion
The USA Champion, Pixelmixer, was not in a mood for games. He knew Shaun Swagger wanted to wrestle him. Pixelmixer would have none of that tonight. He immediately used a steel chair upon the beginning of the match to prove a point. He wanted Shaun Swagger, IWWF's "pretty boy", to bleed. He wanted Shaun Swagger to feel pain. Most of all, he just wanted to hurt him. Pixelmixer succeeded. He crippled Shaun Swagger to the fans disbelief in an SS like fashion. Pixelmixer held the USA Championship proudly after the match and exited the ring.
The Immortals

Tag Champions
Josh Heartbrand & Compro vs. Sith & Pixelmixer
(Tag-Team Championship Match)
New Generation

Match Description.

H0LLYWOOD defeated Banging
(Regular Match, Non-Title)

IRC Champion
People had thought, hey, maybe that Hollywood guy is a one hit wonder. They didn't think that any more after the match was over. Hollywood outfought Banging in a grueling twenty minute fight, one that we had grown to expect and love from these two warriors. Banging's kiwi bomb was avoided at the end of the match as Hollywood back body dropped Banging to the mat with a large thud. A Hollywood Leg Drop later and Hollywood had evened the score between the two and a title match loomed in the future.

IWWF Champion

Jason Voorhees defeated The Rock
(Regular Match, IWWF Championship)

There were no excuses. No more rematches. The Rock was defeated. Jason Voorhees, the beast, the man who does not speak but does not need to, cleanly beat The Rock in the middle of the ring. The Rock was out matched. Jason knew everything The Rock would bring. It wasn't even really Rock's fault. Jason is a living freak. A seven foot mammoth. It was a wonder how The Rock had defeated him in the past. Jason was determined on this night to defend his reputation as the biggest monster the IWWF had ever seen. After the match, Sith made his way out to the ring. He stood over the fallen body of The Rock and announced slowly in a chilled, hushed voice, but yet one that everyone heard, that The Rock would pay for his attack. If The Rock thought his loss tonight was punishment, he was in for a treat for what the Dark Lord had in store for him at Summerslam.

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