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iMPACT! - August 31st 2009
"Post PPV iMPACT!"
- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

New Generation Celebrates... AGAIN.
Don't break my heart. My achy breaky heart. It just can't... The crowd rises to their feet booing in unison. They know what is coming next. Another "ceremony." Another celebration. Shen had outsmarted them all again. The curtains part as Pixelmixer, Sith, Daemon X and Shen Du HBK walk out. Debris is littered upon them as they walk down a red carpet that leads to the ring. New Generation slowly climbs the stairs of the ring and stand in the center, smiles on all of their faces. Missing, however, is the IWWF Champion, Jason Voorhees. Everyone looks on, wondering where Jason is as Shen begins to speak.

Shen Du HBK: Another PPV. Another victory. When I came to take over this failed promotion I promised I would change the way things operated around here. I would change the mentality. Too long did people do things a certain way because, that was the way things were done. People started acting according to the same old boring plans. I wanted to stir up some trouble. I wanted to introduce the IWWF to chaos. I wanted to show everyone here that an unpredictable enemy is an unbeatable enemy. I have accomplished that. Jason Voorhees rules supreme and the championship is more secure in the hands of New Generation than ever before. But... that's the problem. Chaos and boredom do not go together. Boredom results from repeating the same actions over and over again with little thought. That's a perfect description of the type of competition in this federation. Chaos requires there to be results that can not be foreseen by anyone; myself included. That's why I will randomly select an opponent for Jason Voorhees to defend the IWWF Championship against on next weeks Impact.

(The crowd cheers. Pixelmixer is obviously bothered as he begins to whisper something into the ear of Shen.)

Shen Du HBK: Pixelmixer, grow up. New Generation is not an old boys club. You have your shot at the PPV. But don't you want to be great? Don't you want to be legendary? The only way that can happen as by making things more equitable. More fair. More just. None of those outcomes are possible without the addition of randomness. Mayhem. Chaos. Embrace the philosophy.

(Pixelmixer rolls his eyes muttering something under his breath as Jason Voorhees makes his way out to his own music. His mother is standing behind him, carrying the IWWF Championship over her shoulder. It looks slightly awkward on her, reaching her knees. They walk methodically to the ring and refrain from entering it)

Jason's Mom: Shen. You took my son underneath your wings only a while ago and now he has become the man to beat in the IWWF. But yet... I can't help but feel as though you claim the credit for all that has transpired. What exactly is it that you have done lately other than run around with your tail tucked between your legs?

Shen Du HBK: You dare question my integrity? I gave the killer instinct to Jason. I turned Pixelmixer's career around. I made Daemon X a legend by fighting him over two thousand times. People become famous by being associated with my name. If I were to step away from you, in an instant, you would already become a has-been, a nobody.

Jason's Mom: You see, I speak for all of New Generation when I say, we were a bit disappointed with your loss to Josh Heartbrand at Summerslam. We know you were able with our help to injure him afterwords but the fact remains, you were defeated.

Shen Du HBK: HAH. Please. Josh Heartbrand. He should be retired already because of me. He got a sneaky little roll up pin. A war is not won from one battle. A war is won when the other opponent comes begging for mercy to negotiate unconditional surrender. Josh Heartbrand was left on his knees begging me to pardon him from further suffering at the end of the night. Who then is the true victor?

Jason's Mom: Yes. Yes. We know this. But again. That was only because of our help. I speak for New Generation when I say, Shen, we're beginning to doubt whether you have "it" anymore.

Shen Du HBK: Sith. Is this true?

(Sith nods his head, his face hidden from sight due to his black cloak)

Shen Du HBK: I will compete at the PPV against anyone in this company. And I will do so on the fairest of terms. I will pick the opponent randomly. KronTron, display the names of the employees!

(Netto Cash flashes. Banging flashes. H0llywood. More names continue to flash by on the KronTron. The crowd cheers as the excitement begins to boil over. Finally it stops. Nothing shows. Then it hits. The KronTron video of Josh Heartbrand plays. The selection has been made)

Shen Du HBK: Hmm. Something seems to be wrong with the equipment. We need someone in the back to fix it.

Jason's Mom: Nothing is wrong with it Shen. We expect you will be ready this time.

Shen Du HBK: Of course... Of course... This is nothing. No problem. No sweat off my back. Well. This is exciting. What a way to start off Impact. But yet Jason... Jason... we haven't picked YOUR opponent yet have we!?

(The KronTron stops on Netto Cash)

Shen Du HBK: Jason. I hope Netto Cash doesn't bring his gun don't you? Alright. Enough of this. We're a unit. A team. And frankly, I have a soccer game to attend, so I must leave for the evening.

(New Generation stands in the ring looking smug about the results of everything that had transpired as a commercial break begins)

Hurricane vs. Netto Cash
(Hardcore Match)

Hurricane made his return to the IWWF known with an impressive victory over Netto Cash. Perhaps it was because Netto Cash was anxious about his shot at the Championship next week. Or maybe, just maybe, Hurricane has the potential to be a rookie of the year in the IWWF. Only time will tell.

Winner via pinfall Hurricane.


Xey vs. Jewser
(Patriot Title Contendership)

Jewser continued his winning streak by defeating his former arch nemesis, Xey, in a grueling match that saw a number of close falls but ended in Jewser emerging victorious. After the match Jewser spoke to the camera crew and told them he would win the Patriot Championship and finally bring it back to the United States where it belonged. He started a USA chant in the arena and left.

Winner via pinfall Jewser.


Patriot Champion
Shaun Swagger vs. Sarah NG
(Regular Non-Title Match)

Shaun Swagger came out to boos with the Patriot Title wrapped around his waist. He entered the ring and began to sing the Australian National Anthem. This garnered even more boos as Shaun Swagger smiled at the ladies in attendance upsetting the men. He removed his championship, accentuating his genital area, and handed it to the time keeper. Sarah came out next to cheers, wearing her spandex wrestling outfit, and charged the ring with surprising alacrity. Shaun immediately placed her in a wrist lock and began toying with her. At one point in the match when he had her in a headlock he gave her a kiss on the lips and tossed her to the mat. Finally, Shaun exited the ring and folded up a steel chair. He slid it into the ring and followed after it. The fans booed loudly as he smashed the chair over Sarah Ng for no reason other than to injure her.

Shaun lifted the chair again when suddenly the lights went dim and the Y2J countdown begun. Fans were in shock. Could it be? Was it possible? Was HE back? The familiar pyro blasted as Violent J ran down the ramp and into the ring where he ducked a punch from Shaun Swagger, ducked a clothesline, and delivered the Psycho Flip, laying Shaun out. Violent J tried to help Sarah up but she stared back at him with a confused and slightly disgusted look. She did not want his help and was sick of the "special" treatment she was getting from everyone. Violent J, unphased, looked out to the crowd and shouted, "Oh what a lovely tea party!" in unison with the crowd as a commercial break followed.

Winner via DQ Sarah NG.

Hollywood vs. Scar
(IRC Title Contendership)

Scar continued to dominate all of his competition, correction, "King" Scar, continued to dominate all of his competition, with an impressive victory over Hollywood. Was it that Hollywood's hot streak had finally come to an end or was it that Scar was simply just that good? It seems as though with Hollywood's window of opportunity closing, Scar's had just been opened.

Winner via pinfall Scar.


The Immortals Convene.
The music of the Immortals played as Josh Heartbrand, with crutches, Compro, and The Rock, also on crutches, made their way to the ring. The fans gave them a hero's welcome as they slowly entered the ring.

Josh Heartbrand: (Coughing) Shen. You like to speak about war. You like to speak about chaos. I like to speak about a lot of things as well. Victory. Triumph. Last night, at Summerslam, I did what I said I would. I defeated you. What was supposed to be a night where honor and integrity were restored to the IWWF turned into another night of your bullshit. You know. The Immortals began as a way for us IWWF Legends to fight back against the unfair practices of New Generation with honor. But I see now Shen after facing you that you know nothing of honor. You know nothing of integrity. Now that I have my chance to face you again at Insurrection, I know the only way to truly emerge victorious with someone as low as yourself, is to lower myself to your level. I must also join the chaos. I've been through a lot Shen. I thought I saw it all. But I must admit. I'm scared. I am. I know not what expect at Insurrection against you. But you know what? That's exactly the way I want it to be.

(He hands the microphone to The Rock)

The Rock: I have no excuses. I let my brothers down. (They shake their heads) I did. I did. I let you guys down. I failed. Josh. I want to leave you guys. I don't deserve to be a part of the Brotherhood anymore. I am not a legend. I'm a has been. I'm washed up. It's over for me.

Josh Heartbrand: (Giving a hug to The Rock) Don't let New Generation get to you. Just because they know how to cheat and abuse the system doesn't mean they defeated you. That's what they want you to think. I have a plan. There is another. Another man who has told me will be part of the Brotherhood. Another who told me he is ready to become Immortal. Another warrior ready to do battle against Shen Du HBK and his vile henchmen. A man who already has gone behind enemy lines. A man who has seen all that there is to see and has traveled across the world. I can't reveal him yet. The time hasn't arrived. But when it does... New Generation... you will descend into that very chaos you so desire, and from there you will be implode within. For The Brotherhood.

(The three of them place their hands in the middle and smile as they lift their arms skyward to the approval of the audience)

IRC Champion
Banging vs. Jericho
(Regular Non-Title Match)

Jericho was unable to be triumphant in his IWWF return against the reigning IRC Champion. Banging thoroughly defeated him. At the end of the match, Scar made his appearance. He removed the royal crown from upon his head, extended it towards Banging in friendship. Banging looked confused and laughed at the gesture. Scar proceeded to place the crown back on his head and then made the execution gesture with his hand by his neck. Scar was ready for his chance next week.

Winner via pinfall Banging.


Shen Du HBK vs. Daemon X
(Manager's Choice, Hardcore Match)

Shen decided that to prepare for the PPV he needed a sparring partner. He chose none other than Daemon X. New Generation sat at ringside. The two fought an impressive match but Daemon X emerged victorious over Shen Du HBK which led several prominent members of New Generation to exchange glances. Was Shen's seat of power in jeopardy?

Winner via pinfall Daemon X.

The Immortals

Tag Champions
Josh Heartbrand & Compro vs. Pixelmixer & Jason Voorhees
(Tag-Team Championship Match)
New Generation

Even with an injured Josh Heartbrand, the Brotherhood emerged victorious. New Generation began to show cracks as Pixelmixer refused to tag Jason Voorhees at a critical juncture in the match. Jason was trying to get out but Pixel shouted at him that he needed to be a real man and fend for himself. Jason turned around and stared down Pixel. Josh Heartbrand managed to deliver a Return to Hartford on Jason and cover him as Pixelmixer stared on, uninterested. Pixelmixer walked to the back as JHB and compro held the championships.

Winner via pinfall and still Tag Team Champions Josh Heartbrand & Compro.


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