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iMPACT! - September 7th 2009
"New Generation Still Strong?"
- Impact is a weekly taped show, that takes place on Monday Night. Wrestlers have 1 week to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

Shen Du HBK repairs the rift.
Don't Break My Heart. My Achy Breaky Heart. Fans rose to their feet in a unison of boos as the General Manager of Impact, Shen Du HBK, slowly came out to the ring. There was something different about Shen. He didn't look as confident. One might even be able to describe his mood as a sort of melancholy. Regardless, he removed the microphone from his back suit pocket and spoke.

Shen Du HBK: People keep saying, "Is this the end of New Generation?" They just don't get it. People mistakenly think that New Generation is about Shen Du HBK. They think it's about the spotlight being on myself. No matter. They won't ever understand what I, or New Generation, are all about. I can assure you, New Generation is stronger than ever, and when the night ends, the cancer will be removed. I have nothing further to say. Cue my music.

Shen Du HBK leaves as quickly as he came as the fans look on confused.

Sarah NG vs. Xey
(Hardcore Match)

Match Description.

Winner via pinfall: Xey.

Hurricane vs. Jericho
(Hardcore Match)

Match Description.

Winner via pinfall: Hurricane

The Rock vs. Hollywood
(Hardcore Match)

Last week on Impact, Hollywood lost what many thought would be his last big opportunity in this federation to climb the ladder. His fate didn't seem to change this week. Immortals member, The Rock, made his return to the ring and was able to make quick work of Hollywood. The fans were solidly behind The Rock as he basked in their cheers only to be interrupted by Hollywood on the microphone.

Hollywood: I know you're all laughing at Hollywood. Like the other stars of California, you want to look on to me like the paparazzi, documenting my every fall for your own enjoyment. Well mark my words. Take a picture. Print it in Star magazine. This is the last time Hollywood Hogan will be on the losing side of a match in the IWWF brotha. Banging, if you have the balls, you will defend the IRC Championship against me one last time next week on Impact before your title defense at the PPV. Do you have the kahunas, brotha?

(Banging comes out to large cheers)

Banging: Hollywood. If you want another kiwi bomb one-two-three, you got it... brotha.

(Fans go wild as a commercial break takes over)

Winner via pinfall: The Rock.

Queen Ino vs. Pixelmixer
(Hardcore Match)

Pixelmixer, the number one contender, and the holder of the money in the bank, was ready for a quick victory over the returning Queen Ino. Perhaps he should have stopped off and deposited his money in the bank before hand. When Pixelmixer had locked in his submission and shouted his all too familiar "Die Nigger Kike," trademark phrase, Queen Ino's partner, Ivy, made his way out to the ring and placed Queen Ino's leg on the rope breaking the submission. Pixelmixer went after Ivy only to be caught from behind with a devastating clothesline from Queen Ino. She quickly rolled Pixelmixer in the ring and covered him for the victory as the fans looked on in shock as The Beautiful People stood in victory over the fallen Pixelmixer.

Winner via pinfall: Queen Ino.

Jewser vs. Shaun Swagger
(Hardcore Match, Patriot Title)

Patriot Champion
Match Description.

Winner via pinfall and still Patriot Champion: Shaun Swagger.

Violent J Speaks.
Promo Description.

Compro vs. Daemon X
(Hardcore Match)

Compro complained that he felt he wasn't being taken seriously around the IWWF anymore. He was upset that of the Immortals, people seemed to forget about him. He demanded that a member of New Generation face him so he can prove that compro is no side kick to JHB and The Rock. He got what he asked for. New Generation sent out none other than Daemon X, the unholy Demon of Evil, a spawn of hell itself. Compro came prepared. When Daemon X unleashed his Black Magic, it backfired on him and hit him square in the chest, knocking him out. Compro had worn a mirror underneath his shirt which he revealed right at the moment Daemon X cast his evil trickery. Compro was victorious and the fans approved.

Winner via pinfall: Compro.

Josh Heartbrand vs. Shox
(Hardcore Match)

JHB went one on one with King of the Ring, Shox, in a contested bout that saw many near falls, but ended with the experienced veteran emerging victorious. After the match ended, JHB extended membership to the Immortals to Shox. He explained that as a former legend of the IWWF, Shox had a stake in the legacy of IWWF as much as himself, and that he should be a part of defending that legacy from being tarnished any further by New Generation. Shox informed Josh Heartbrand that he appreciated the offer and that he would take it into consideration.

Winner via pinfall: Josh Heartbrand.

Shen Du HBK vs. Sith
(Manager's Rules)

Sith came out for his match, cloaked in his familiar black sith robe, and awaited his opponent, leader of New Generation, General Manager of Impact, the Master of Chaos, former IWWF Champion, Shen Du HBK. But it seemed as though he would have to wait a little longer because Shen Du HBK did not show up. Sith looked disturbed at being disrespected by his leader like this and walked disgusted to the back. Had Shen's time as leader of New Generation come to an end?

No Contest.

IRC Champion
Banging vs. Scar
(Hardcore Match, Non-Title)

If this is to be a sign of how things will play out at the PPV then Banging will STILL be your IRC Champion. Banging continued his impressive streak of victories intact by defeating Scar in convincing fashion, a rarity these days against a man as skilled as Scar. Banging even looked a bit cocky at times. Hopefully he will be able to check his ego at the door come the PPV or Scar will easily take advantage of Banging's over confidence and send him packing without the championship belt.

Winner via pinfall: Banging.

IWWF Champion

Jason Voorhees vs. Netto Cash
(Hardcore Match)

In what many people thought would be a joke match, Jason and Netto Cash fought a thirty minute long classic that will be replayed throughout the years as one of the greatest IWWF Title matches in impact history. Near fall after near fall, ending only after Netto Cash was forced to tap out after having nothing left to give against the far bigger, stronger, and more experienced Jason Voorhees. The two hugged after the match but that was only the beginning. The music of New Generation played and Pixelmixer, Sith, and Daemon X, made their way to the ring. They all congratulated the two on a great match and then they all looked on to Jason to speak. Few even knew that Jason had the capability of speech, but he graced the audience with his first ever words, in a low pitched tone that drove chills up the spines of many in attendance.

Jason: Shennnnnn. You..... Have...... Let..... Us...... Down. You.... continue... to.... run... and......... (heavy breath) disappoint us. Come... out.... here... and.... explain.... yourself.

Achy Breaky Heart played over the speakers as Shen Du HBK slowly made his way to the ring and began to speak.

Shen: God Damn It. I run this joint. Don't you understand that? I've orchestrated all of this. Every victory, success, triumph, it's because of me. Don't you get that?

Jason: Talk.... is.... cheap.

(Sith grabs the microphone)

Sith: In my training. When the apprentice outgrows the master, it is time to kill the master. I believe that time has arrived. Figuratively of course. (Dark laugh)

Shen: (Backing up to the edge of the apron) Guys... Guys. Let's talk about this shall we? I mean? Come on?

Jason Voorhees lifts his mighty hand up and grabs Shen by the neck, raising him with ease towards the rafters. The rest of New Generation looks on in approval. The end of Shen has arrived, and at the hands of his own friends. But that's when it happened. Jason put down Shen and then grabbed Pixelmixer around the neck with both hands and raised him what seemed to be five to six feet in the air. He brought him down, crashing into the mat, with all of his might, as the reverberations of the crash shook throughout the arena. Pixelmixer's body was shaking as it looked like his spine may have been dislodged from his body. New Generation took turns stomping the fallen Pixelmixer before security rushed the ring and forced them out to attend to Pixelmixer. Would Pixelmixer ever wrestle in the IWWF again? Why did they turn on him? Who would Jason face at the PPV? No one knew. As the camera rolled out and the show ended, all that was seen was Shen mouthing the words, "The cancer has been removed."

Winner via submission and still IWWF Champion: Jason Voorhees.

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