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King Of The Ring - June 28th 2009
Live from the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon.

Shen Du HBK Comes Out With The Championship.
The PPV is set with a giant sized crown hanging over the entrance way with large faux rubies decorating its top. A royal looking scepter is hung above the crown with the words "King of the Ring" in crimson red above that. The sold out crowd is standing waiting for the PPV to begin as Shen Du HBK's music plays and they immediately begin booing. Shen is wearing a slick looking beige sports jacket with a white shirt and khakis. Over his shoulder is the IWWF Championship with a blank name plate. Shen climbs into the ring and stares forward. He removes the championship from over his shoulder and raises it skyward. He winks to the audience, places it back over his shoulder, and sits at ringside quietly. Fans look on bewildered as to why Shen came out to not even speak. The timekeeper looks at Shen as if wondering what should happen next. Shen simply nods and makes a gesture with his hand seemingly implying that the PPV should continue as scheduled.

Jewser defeated Xey
The PPV began with this action packed opener. Jewser held the advantage throughout the match using his veteran ring savy to stay one step ahead of Xey. The fans were treated to a well fought battle between two grapplers with Jewser able to get the pinfall after his finisher.

Fans Rating:

Shaun Swagger defeated Shox & Jericho
(Patriot Championship)
Shox had brought the championship to Canada for the first time only a week prior with his shock upset over long reining champion, Shaun Swagger, of Australia. Many were doubtful of Shox's chances in this match given his multiple matches in the night as part of the King of the Ring Tournament. It seems as though those were people correct. Shaun Swagger used his intelligence to win this match and proved to everyone that he is without a doubt one of the fastest up and comers in the IWWF. Shaun sat back for the majority of the match allowing an angry and determined Jericho to do the majority of the fighting against Shox. After a botched lionsault by Jericho, Shaun Swagger came at Shox from behind with a brutal boot to the head that made a sickening sound in the arena. Shaun rolled Jericho's body out of the way and covered Shox to once again become the Patriot Title and return it to Australia.

Fans Rating:

H0LLYWOOD defeated Banging
(IRC Championship, 2/3 Falls)
Hollywood had always had a somewhat tough time in the IWWF since his arrival. He had seemed to always lose those contendership opportunities, never come out on top with his title shots, this seemed like it would follow that same pattern. Banging predictably took the first fall and began to gloat to his appreciative fans. Banging had been IRC Champion for one of the longest periods in IWWF History and with this title defense would go down in history as perhaps the greatest IRC Champion ever. This is when it all began to turn around. Reverse after reverse, near fall after near fall, Hollywood refused to die. He seemed impervious to everything Banging attempted to do, even when it seemed as though it was physically impossible for Hollywood to survive the brutal onslaught he endured. He came back and pummeled Banging with lefts and rights and performed his patented Hollywood Leg Drop, winning the second fall. With both participants dazed and lacking in energy, Hollywood was able to whip Banging to the ropes. Banging ducked Hollywood's predictable clothesline but Hollywood then stopped short, turned around, and body slammed Banging. Cameras began to flash and it was if Hollywood felt the moment, he was in the zone. His eyes sparkled, his moment was here. Triumph. History. Greatness. It all was his for the taking. He delivered another Hollywood Leg Drop, covered Banging, the bell rung, and the IRC Championship was his. Hollywood seemed to shed a tear as he struggled back up the entrance way victorious, and Banging was left in the middle of the ring confused and bewildered as to how his record reign had just stopped short.

Fans Rating:

Josh Heartbrand defeated Netto Cash
Glock On A Pole Match
The hired enforcer of New Generation, Netto Cash, claimed he would "pop a cap" in Josh Heartbrand and send him not only out of the IWWF, but to the grave. Josh Heartbrand of The Brotherhood of Immortals refused to allow this to become reality and promised that Netto Cash would pay the price for turning his back on the IWWF. Netto Cash had betrated his organization that he had defended for so long to sell out to the almighty dollar claiming the fans "love him" but they don't pay his bills, they don't pay his cable, they don't put food on his table. Josh Heartbrand believed in a time where wrestling wasn't about the money, it was about the glory and the honor. The two were set on a collision course for this PPV.

In the far right corner of the ring was a large pole connected to the turnbuckle. It was about ten feet high from the top of the ring and taped to the top was a glock. The way to win this match was simple; whoever shot their opponent first was the victor. A crazy concept. A ridiculous match... to those who didn't understand what was at stake. Netto Cash came out first wearing his torn jeans and a wife beater. He looked at the fans with disgust, spitting at them, and at one point reached into his boxers to pull out a stack of 20$ bills, taunting the audience. "U fuckers aint be givin netto dis shit dat he be needin." He climbed into the ring, smiled at Shen who was still at ringside, and awaited JHB.

The music of the Brotherhood of Immortals played and fans began to cheer as the 31 time IWWF Champion came out in street clothes; jeans and an Immortals t-shirt. He stood at the top of the ramp for a moment before rushing the ring and immediately exchanging left and rights with Netto Cash. This wasn't a wrestling match; it was a street fight. Words were exchanged, punches thrown, and blood drawn. About nine minutes into the "match" Josh Heartbrand was being pummeled in the corner. Netto Cash turned around to face the crowd and began to taunt them sayin "Ain't that right mothaf..." but that's when it was over for Netto. Josh Heartbrand delivered a axe handle smash to the back of Netto's neck sending him to the mat. He quickly began to climb the pole attempting to remove the gun. Netto had gotten up again and was grabbing at the heels of Josh Heartbrand but all he got was a boot to the face. Josh Heartbrand was able to remove the gun and jumped down. Netto began to beg for mercy as JHB wielded the gun and twirled it around laughing. Netto then reached into his pocket and pulled out his own glock before suddenly falling down. JHB had already shot Netto in the right arm sending him to the ground. JHB kicked the gun out of Netto's fallen hand and placed his foot on Netto's chest. The bell rang and JHB was victorious. He looked down at Netto and said, "That was for the IWWF." It seemed as though the Brotherhood of Immortals would be victorious on this night. For the time being.

Fans Rating:

Sith defeated Compro
Lightsaber Duel
In another crazy match, a lightsaber bought was to take place. How would this match work? Who would win? Did a real usable lightsaber even exist? What constitutes victory? Luckily for many confused fans, it never mattered. The Dark Robed Sith, master of all that is evil, made his way to the ring, his face hidden from view, and bowed before Shen Du HBK in an eerie sight. He stood in the ring, awaiting the arrival of compro. The arrival would never come, but Sith knew this all along. The fans waited and waited until a video was shown on the KronTron. Compro was laying in a pool of his own blood in the back, knocked out cold, with no sign of attackers nearby. It was clear that New Generation was some how responsible for this. Sith stood stoic in the ring, removed a lightsaber and ignited it in the center of the ring revealing it's illuminating red blade. Fans stared on in awe, as Sith raised the blade triumphantly to the air and the bell was rung. Compro had been disqualified due to a forfeit.

Fans Rating: DUD.

Pixelmixer defeated Mintzs
(Money In The Bank)
Ladder Match
New Generation's tactics of cheating would continue. Pixelmixer and Mintzs both claimed that they had the true Money in the Bank shot that everyone craves so dearly; a chance to meet the IWWF Champion, any time, any place. Mintzs had vowed that he would put an end to Pixelmixer's disgusting racism and hatred once and for all and restore honor to the IWWF. His chance would not come on this night. As Mintzs' music was playing in the arena, everyone awaiting his arrival, Netto Cash was being helped onto an ambulance in the back, blood still pouring from his right arm. Netto Cash was being administered tests as Mintzs passed by on his way to the entrance to the arena. Netto Cash reached into his pants, pulled out his glock with his left hand and took a shot. The bullet pierced through the lower spinal cord of Mintzs as he fell to the ground with a thud. Pixelmixer, also in the back waiting to come out, grabbed the briefcase that Mintzs carried with him. Pixelmixer would win the bout by default and regain ownership of the most important thing in the IWWF short of the actual championship; a shot at it.

Fans Rating: DOUBLE DUD.

King of The Ring Tournament Semi-Finals
Shox defeated Mintzs
No explanation required. Mintzs had been shot and rushed to the hospital. Shox advanced.

Fans Rating: N/A

King of The Ring Tournament Semi-Finals
Scar defeated Pixelmixer
Scar was determined to make his return to the IWWF known. Shen had introduced him as one of the wrestlers who replaced Brotherhood members in the King of the Ring tournament. Scar had promised a new side of himself would be shown, a more darker side, a more determined side. Pixelmixer was fresh since he had not fought Mintzs. The two fought a long and impressive match that ultimately saw Scar prevail.

Fans Rating:
King of The Ring Tournament Grand Final

Shox defeated Scar
The stage was set. A King would be crowned. Would it be Shox or would it be Scar? The crowd waited in anticipation as both men came to the ring; both men having fought a match prior; both men tired, sweaty, running out of energy. Scar began on the offensive showing his aggression at a weakened Shox. Power move after power move Scar widdled away at what energy Shox had left with multiple near falls. He attempted submission move after move in the hope that perhaps Shox would just finally give up after all the pain. However, Shox had already lost the Patriot Title, he was not ready to give up on the crown. Shox went after Scar returning each blow he suffered ten fold. He drew from deep down energy that he didn't know was there. Scar attempted a Rock Bottom out of no where but the script had already been completed. Shox was able to elbow Scar in the head, drive him down with a russian leg sweep, and cover Scar to be crowned the King of the Ring. Scar was left looking confused and Shox would be coronated on Impact.

Fans Rating:

Jason Voorhees defeated The Rock & Sarah NG
(IWWF Championship)
Where to begin? How did it happen? Why was Jason champion? This was the question many people had on their minds. It all began with what was supposed to be a round robin tournament. Each participant would fight the other once and whoever held the most wins would be named the IWWF Champion. Jason Voorhees defeated Sarah in what some viewers doubted was a legit match. It seemed as though perhaps Sarah may have "intentionally" lost. All the while Shen Du HBK sat at ringside not uttering a word. Then Jason fought The Rock. It was a long battle that The Rock emerged victorious from. This meant The Rock held one win and no losses and Jason Voorhees held one win and one loss. The Rock was in the best possible situation. If he beat Sarah, his former love, he would become IWWF Champion. If he lost, the title would remain vacant in a three way tie. This was how it was supposed to go down. The Rock was already in the ring, waiting for Sarah, waiting for his championship, he could taste it, the title would return to the Brotherhood of the Immortals, honor would be returned to the IWWF. Sarah came out to the ring, she looked distressed. You could tell right away something wasn't right. Tears were rolling down her face. She slowly entered the ring and the bell sounded. The Rock stared at her. She fell to her knees in tears, sobbing. The Rock was unsure what to do. She muttered some words under her breath that sounded like, "I'm sorry Rock, I was wrong, I love you." The Rock stared at her then embraced her. He had forgiven her for what she had done only a month ago, betraying her love for her chance in the spotlight. It wasn't worth it to her anymore all the attention. She wanted the person she loved more then her ill-gotten championship. She nodded to The Rock, laid down, and The Rock covered her. The referee began to count.




Then he stood up.

The man who had sat ever so quietly for two and a half hours stood up. It isn't like when a normal person stands up and it goes unnoticed. It was felt by the twenty plus thousand fans in attendance. Shen Du HBK had awoken. He had anticipated this. Did he plan it? Was this part of the chaos? Was this all part of his plan... who could know? What made Shen was so dangerous was that he had no plan. He acted unpredictably. Chaotically. To a normal person he acted in a way that many would consider "insane". Shen removed the IWWF Championship from his lap, he made his way up the stairs ever so slowly, and proceeded to hold it out to The Rock. He reached out for it, claiming his championship, when Shen Du HBK dropped the belt. The Rock bent down to pick it up as Shen Du HBK delivered Sweet Chin Music to The Rock sending him to the mat.

Shen Du HBK: First things first, remove this crying piece of shit from my ring this very instant. Sarah. You were always worthless. You were but a pawn in my machinations from the beginning. This whole time you've gone on and on like a boring drama queen about the championship your dreams blah blah blah. You were a nothing fuck toy before and you remain that now. Security, remove her. (Sarah is dragged away) No one is winning the IWWF Championship by pinning a headcase. The Rock and Jason Voorhees both hold one win. They will face each other for the IWWF Championship in a thirty minute iron man. And it will take place... NOW. Ring the bell.

The IWWF Championship was kicked out of the ring by Shen Du HBK and Jason Voorhees ran down the ramp and into the ring where he quickly covered The Rock. One... Two... KICK OUT. The Iron Man was on and the two fought back and forth. In what seemed like only five minutes, twenty eight minutes had passed and the score was five falls to five. These two enemies, warriors, they would fight to the death. Twenty nine minutes. No fall. With ten seconds left, The Rock delivered The Rock Bottom to Jason Voorhees. He covered Jason. One... Two... THREE. NEW CHAMPION NEW CHAMPION NEW CHAMPION!!! THE ROCK HAD WON THE BELT!!!!! But where was the bell? Why was it not ringing? Where was the confetti? His music? The timekeeper spoke by order of Shen Du HBK.

Timekeeper: This match has ended in a draw. The Rock's pin was half a second too late. Therefore, Shen Du HBK has informed me each participant has thirty seconds to recoup until sudden death begins and a champion WILL be crowned.

Frustrated, The Rock threw his arms up in the air frustrated and the match continued. The two fought for another three minutes until Jason Voorhees was able to reverse The Rock Bottom and use The Rock's own move against him. He made the cover... One... Two... THREE!! It was over. After one over time, one iron man of ten falls, two round robin matches, a three way bout, an IWWF Champion was crowned. Shen Du HBK rushed into the ring and placed the belt around the mute Jason Voorhees' waist. He held up the arm of Jason as New Generation came out to the ring. Pixelmixer, Sith, Daemon X, Shen Du HBK and Jason Voorhees all stood triumphantly in the center of the ring as green confetti fell from the ceiling. Their theme song played and the fans booed as New Generation was able to once again outsmart everyone and emerge on top.

Fans Rating:

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