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IWWF LIVE - May 24th 2009
- Live is an occasional show, that can take place at any time.
- Live is booked on the spot with the exception of occasional planned matches.
- As such the card is always subject to change.
CT defeated Shaun Swagger
(Hardcore Match)
CT throwed ShaunSwagger to the outside, and rolled outside the ring. CT irish whipped ShaunSwagger into the steel ring post. CT grabs a chair, and goes for a shot to the head of ShaunSwagger who ducked, and CT connected with the steel ring post. ShaunSwagger with a Neck Breaker on CT. ShaunSwagger picks up the chair, and connects with the head of CT. ShaunSwagger covers CT for the pin, but CT was able to kickout. ShaunSwagger slams CT's head into the steel ring post, then rolls him into the ring. ShaunSwagger slides in, goes to pick up CT but gets hit with a Low Blow, and a roll up pin by CT for the victory.
Jason Voorhees defeated Sarah NG
(Hardcore Match)
Both wrestlers lockup in a grapple hold, Sarah kicks Jason Voorhees in the mid-section, and sends Jason Voorhees to the mat with a powerbomb. Sarah follows up on the offense with hard punches to the face of Voorhees. Jason Voorhees to his feet, and fights back with a combo of punches, followed by a DDT. Jason Voorhees grabbed a chair from the outside, and heads back inside the ring, only to get hit with a baseball slide by Sarah Ng. Sarah rolls out of the ring, grabs the chair, and connects with the head of Jason Voorhees. Sarah goes for a pin, but Voorhees reversed it into a pin of his own for the victory.
Netto Cash defeated The Rock
(Table Match)
Netto Cash with a hard chop to the chest of The Rock. The Rock with a hard chop right back at Netto Cash. Netto Cash with a clotheslines, but The Rock ducked. The Rock with a arm bar suplex, Netto Cash back to his feet quickly. Netto Cash sends The Rock into the rope via irish whip, and connects with a big boot to the face of The Rock, who doesn't go down. Netto Cash then charges at The Rock, and clotheslines him to the ground. Netto Cash gets a table from the outside, and brings it into the ring. The Rock with a lionsault off the middle rope onto the back of Netto Cash as they're attempting to setup the table. The Rock grabs a chair from ringside, but is hit by a flying Netto Cash who has just suicide dived over the top rope onto The Rock. Both wrestlers slowly to their feet, Netto Cash attempts a packetbomb... NO WAIT!!! The Rock countered it into a ROCK BOTTOM!!!

Wait a Minute... Sarah Ng comes out of the crowd, jumped the guard rail, grabbed the chair, and lays out The Rock! Sarah Ng continues the assault on the IWWF Champion while Netto Cash sets up a table. Netto Cash grabs the IWWF Champion, and sends him through the table with a packetbomb!
Banging defeated Compro via DQ
(Hardcore Match)
Special Guest Referee: Shen Du HBK
This bout started off with a stare down between the Kiwi, the aussie, and the special guest referee slash General Manager Shen Du HBK. Compro and Banging exchange punches, then Banging sends Compro into the ropes via a irish whip but it was a bit too close to Shen Du HBK who was knocked down. Compro managed to get back to his feet quickly, and connect with a series of punches, DDTs, and suplexes onto Banging. Compro then climbed the turnbuckle, but was caught by Banging before he could get a move off, and was thrown from the top turnbuckle to the center of the ring. Banging then locked in a sleeper as Shen Du HBK was getting up to check the hold. Compro managed to escape the sleeper, and throw Banging over the top rope to the outside. After making eye contact with Shen Du HBK, Compro then rolled out the ring, grabbed a cheese grater, and begin using it on Banging. Compro then dropped his trustworthy cheese grater, slide a chair into the ring, picked up Banging, rolled Banging into the ring, and slide into the ring himself. Compro picked up the chair, and while standing behind Banging waiting for the kiwi to stand up.. Shen Du HBK hit compro with a Sweet Chin Music!!! Banging managed to make it back to his feet, but was immediately knocked out with a Sweet Chin Music from Shen Du HBK who disqualified both competitors and ruled this match as a draw.

After the match, Shen Du HBK requested a microphone from the ringside staff while Compro and Banging remain unconscious in the ring, and had this to say...

While I am the General Manager of IWWF, I am not afraid to get my hands dirty either. I'm sick of compro and Banging and any other puppet who thinks they're big-time in this federation... In NEW GENERATIONS' federation!

Its time to set things right. NG members have been doing a good enough job holding down the place. But its time to strangle the life out of IWWF now for good and it will begin with madness and chaos. Because as you know madness is like gravity. All it takes is... a little push and that push happens to be some SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!

Shen Du HBK drops the microphone, steps through the ropes, and hops down from the apron. Shen Du HBK draws NG in the air with his finger as he heads up the aisle while LIVE goes off the air.

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