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IWWF LIVE - September 6th 2009
"Irresistible Impromptu Action!"
- Live is an occasional show, that can take place at any time.
- Live is booked on the spot with the exception of occasional planned matches.
- As such the card is always subject to change.
- The Hardcore and 3-Way Championships that appear on IWWF LIVE are defended 24/7 therefore may change hands or be vacated between shows without notification.

Compro vs. Hurricane
[Hardcore Match]

IWWF LIVE kicked off in style as The Hurricane waited in the ring, Compro one half of the IWWF Tag-Team Champions emerged through streams of gold pyrotechnics and headed straight for him. No sooner had Compro hit the ring he had crash tackled The Hurricane to the mat and was unloading a series of short jabs. Coming off a devestating loss to Jason Voorhees at Summerslam Compro had apparently developed a new attitude and wanted to waste no time in disposing of his challenger. The referee with some assistance was able to get things under control and the match underway but it did not last long as Hurricane was overpowered and overenthused falling victim to the Comp Drop shortly after.

Winner via pinfall: Compro.

Shaun Swagger vs. Jewser
[Regular Match]

The IWWF LIVE crowd were treated to a preview of things to come with Patriot Champion Shaun Swagger coming up against the number one contender for his title, Jewser, in a non-title match. Jewser was in control for most of the match until Swagger took advantage of a referee distraction nailing Jewser with a brutal chair shot. Trying to capitilise on the advantage the champion attempted to finish Jewser with a Thunder Bomb but Jewser reversed it rolling through to get a quick three count.

Winner via pinfall: Jewser.

Queen Ino vs. Netto Cash
[Hardcore Championship Match]

Netto Cash had the perfect opportunity to prepare for his IWWF Championship match on tomorrow nights iMPACT! in a Hardcore title match against Queen Ino however he quickly fell into the habits that have kept him from winning a match in the past months allowing Queen Ino to pick up the pinfall victory. After the match Netto Cash pulled out his glock and frustratedly unloaded a round ripping the ring canvas and sending the IWWF LIVE crowd diving for cover. Netto Cash then left the arena to a chorus of boos.

Winner via pinfall and New Hardcore Champion: Queen Ino.

Jason Voorhees vs. The Rock
[Hardcore Match]

The Rock came face to face with the IWWF Champion looking to prove that he still deserves to be in the Main Event picture despite IWWF General Manager, Shen Du HBK, promising that he will never fight for the title again. Jason Voorhees the most dominate champion IWWF has seen in recent memory however had other plans. The Rock gave it everything but fell short once more in a vintage encounter between the two old foes.

Winner via pinfall: Jason Voorhees.

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