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IWWF LIVE - September 13th 2009
"Irresistible Impromptu Action!"
- Live is an occasional show, that can take place at any time.
- Live is booked on the spot with the exception of occasional planned matches.
- As such the card is always subject to change.
- The Hardcore and 3-Way Championships that appear on IWWF LIVE are defended 24/7 therefore may change hands or be vacated between shows without notification.

Hollywood vs. Sarah NG vs. Shaun Swagger (c)
[3-Way Championship Hardcore Elimination Match]
IWWF LIVE was set for an explosive opening with current Patriot Champion Shaun Swagger, Former IWWF Champion Sarah NG and former IRC Champion Hollywood facing off for the 3-Way Championship.

The match started with a stare down before both Sarah and Hollywood kicked Swagger in the midsection and began the double team, Hollywood threw Swagger out of the ring and turned his attention to Sarah NG with an elbow, then a dropkick and a cover. Broken up by Swagger who rolls back out of the ring. Hollywood recovered only to turn around straight into the Widows Peak!! With both wrestlers down Swagger rolled back in the ring and covered Hollywood for the elimination.

Sarah Ng punched Swagger then an irish whip into the corner, Sarah charged attempting a splash but was caught in mid-air. Thunder Bomb! Reversed! Sarah NG with a hurricanrana into a pin. 1.. 2.. Swagger was able to roll through at the last second, Sarah's shoulders down. 1.. 2.. 3!

Winner via pinfall and still 3-Way Champion: Shaun Swagger.

Netto Cash vs. Salakin
[Hardcore Match]

The IWWF LIVE crowd cowered as Netto Cash walked towards the ring, the outline of his glock visable against his shirt. Netto was booked to meet a mystery opponent, the crowd chanting for the recently returned Violent J but the Y2J count down did not begin. Fast paced music hit the arena and a never seen before wrestler emerged and ran towards the ring. Salakin was introduced to the LIVE audience.

Salakin gained control early in the match with some high speed offence bouncing off the ropes and hitting a flying clothesline, following up with a spinning kick for a near fall. Salakin attempted a DDT but Netto pushed him away, whipped him against the ropes and attempted a back body drop. Salakin landed on his feet behind Netto Cash and hit a reverse DDT. Salakin climbed up top for a shooting star press, Netto raised his knees! Netto Cash lifted Salakin off the mat and hit a powerbomb for the pin.

Netto Cash after winning his first match in months pulled out his glock and fired celebratory shots upwards as the IWWF LIVE crowd already on edge dived for cover.

Winner via pinfall: Netto Cash.

Sith vs. Xey
[Hardcore Match]

The IWWF LIVE crowd regained their composure and their seats as Netto Cash was restrained and helped to the back unable to contain his excitement and the next match waiting to begin. Sith made his way to the ring coming off a match against New Generation figure head Shen Du HBK. Xey was next out with a win over Sarah NG on the same iMPACT!.

They lock up and Sith backs Xey up against the ropes, Sith with a clean break but Xey with a kick and an european uppercut. Xey went for the falcon arrow but Sith blocked it and lifted Xey, crashing back down with the darkside powerbomb for a near fall. They lock up again, Sith with a side headlock then whipped Xey into the ropes. Xey bounced off the ropes and hit Sith with a gore! Xey climbed the turnbuckle and hit a swanton bomb for the win.

Winner via pinfall: Xey.

Queen Ino (c) vs. Hurricane
[Hardcore Championship Match]

Queen Ino having managed to hold on to the Hardcore Championship since last weeks victory over Netto Cash with a subsequent defence against Compro during the week turned up to IWWF LIVE full of confidence, Hurricane however coming off an iMPACT! victory against Jericho was looking to prove that Queen Ino had more ego than talent.

The match was all The Hurricane, hitting an array of offence, refusing to pin Ino he set her up for a chokeslam. Ino laughed at The Hurricane's attempt before reversing it with a russian leg sweep. Queen Ino thought the match was hers for the taking and showed off to the crowd mockingly brushing her hair and pouting when out of nowhere she was hit with a shining wizard and her leg hooked.

Queen Ino put a paper bag over her head and threw a tantrum in the middle of the ring, The Hurricane looked on confused - "Whats up with that?"

Winner via pinfall and new Hardcore Champion: Hurricane.

Banging vs. Compro
[Regular Match]

The main event matched up the IRC Champion Banging against one half of the Tag-Team Champions Compro, Meeting for the first time since the May 24th edition of IWWF LIVE which saw both competitors Disqualified by special guest referee Shen Du HBK.

The men exchanged blows in the centre of the ring looking to gain the upperhand, Compro whipped Banging into the corner and followed up with a stiff shoulder block and started throwing lefts and rights into Banging's midsection. The referee tried to break the pair but Compro shoved the referee to the ground, sliding out of the ring to the floor. Banging took advantage of the distraction and the momentum swung in his favor.

Banging hit Compro with a Big Boot and covered Compro, 1.. 2.. 3... 4.... 5..... Banging went to the ropes to check on the referee, as the referee was groggily waking up Compro had recovered and rolled up banging for the pin, the referee called for the bell.

As Compro started celebrating in the middle of the ring it was announced that the referee had disqualified Compro and the winner was Banging. Compro's mood suddenly changed he headed outside the ring, grabbed a chair, and rolled back in the ring heading towards Banging. Compro swung the chair wildly but Banging was able to duck and roll out of the ring in time, celebrating as he walked back up the ramp carefully watching Compro.

Winner via DQ: Banging.

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