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IWWF LIVE - September 20th 2009
"Irresistible Impromptu Action!"
- Live is an occasional show, that can take place at any time.
- Live is booked on the spot with the exception of occasional planned matches.
- As such the card is always subject to change.
- The Hardcore and 3-Way Championships that appear on IWWF LIVE are defended 24/7 therefore may change hands or be vacated between shows without notification.

Queen Ino vs. Ivy vs. Salakin
[3-Way Championship Hardcore Elimination Match]
Winner via pinfall and new 3-Way Champion: Salakin.

Ivy vs. Shaun Swagger
[Hardcore Championship Match]

Winner via pinfall and new Hardcore Champion: Shaun Swagger.

Jason Voorhees vs. Sarah NG
[Hardcore Match]

Winner via pinfall: Jason Voorhees.

Banging vs. Compro
[Table Match]

Winner via table: Compro.

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