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Night Of Champions - May 17th 2009
Live from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Josh Heartbrand won the battle royal
(IRC Contendership Match)
Battle Royal

Banging (c) defeated Josh Heartbrand
(IRC Championship Match)
Table Match
Josh Heartbrand had earned the right to fight for the IRC Championship earlier on the pre-show by winning an improtu battle royal due to the injury Ice had sustained on Impact at the hands of Daemon X. JHB coveted the IRC Championship as it was the first title he had ever held in the IWWF after defeating Stonecold in 2000. JHB had hoped to hold the top two singles titles as the Immortals but that plan would not come to fruition.

Josh Heartbrand had set up the table and was ready to throw Banging through it when Jason Voorhees came down to the ring and disposed of the referee. Josh Heartbrand powerbombed Banging through the table but the referee was not alert to notice it. Jason Voorhees then entered the ring and laid out Josh Heartbrand. Banging got a table and woke the ref up as he kiwi bombed JHB through it to retain his IRC Championship for the fourth consecutive defense.

Mintzs defeated Pixelmixer
Ladder Match: MITB On The Line
This was an epic ladder match where New Generation's interference went awry. Mintzs and Pixelmixer were on opposite ends of the ladder each within hands grasp of the briefcase that would give them the IWWF Title shot they coveted so dearly. Pixelmixer shouted several obscenities that had to be edited out of the delayed broadcast as Sith one of the Dark Enforcers of New Generation, made his way out.

Mintzs delivered several jabs to the head of Pixelmixer splitting him open. Pixelmixer began to hang on to the ladder with only one arm as Mintzs continued to try to knock Pixelmixer off. Finally, Mintzs bashed Pixelmixer's head into the ladder sending him to the floor. The crowd roared as Mintzs, fatigued, attempted to reach for the briefcase. Sith hit the ring as he immediately shoved the ladder over. However, by Sith shoving the ladder it provided Mintzs with the momentum he needed to swing himself off to the briefcase. Mintzs dangled from the briefcase over the ring as Sith tried in vain to knock him off. Mintzs undid the briefcase with his left arm, fell down to the ring, and was announced the NEW Money in the Bank holder.

Shaun Swagger defeated Josh Heartbrand
Submission Match
In what was Josh Heartbrand's second match of the night, Shaun Swagger made Josh Heartbrand tap out in the center of the ring. Josh Heartbrand was clearly unprepared for Shaun Swagger or grossly underestimated him. It seemed Josh Heartbrand was not taking this match seriously as Shaun applied advanced technical submissions one after another. Shaun was in for a scare towards the end of the match when his STF was reversed into the Hail Mary. Josh thought he had the match wrapped up as he loosed up on the hold slightly to work the crowd. That was Shaun's opening to elbow JHB in the head and quickly place him in his own version of the Hail Mary. Josh Heartbrand refused to tap out for well over twenty seconds before finally succumbing to the immense pain and tapping out.

New Generation (Sith & Pixelmixer)
Next Generation (Jericho & Compro)
(Tag-Team Championship Match)
Tag-Title Elimination Match
The so-called Alliance of the Immortals, Jericho and Compro, and Queen-Ino quickly began to fell apart during this match as Compro and Jericho spent the majority of the tag match arguing amongst one another. Pixelmixer and Sith took advantage of the two's bickering to make quick work of them. Jericho was left in the ring for quite a while before trying to finally tag out to Compro. When he was finally able to reach Compro, Compro decided to drop off of the apron and walk to the back stranding Jericho in the ring. Pixelmixer and Sith then won this handicap match and the tag-titles.

The Rock (c) defeated Jason Voorhees
(IWWF Championship Match)
30 Minute Iron Man Match
In this epic Iron Man Match, The Rock was able to over come Jason Voorhees and the tie breaking stipulation with a 7-5 win over Jason. Towards the end of the match when it was still 5-5, New Generation made their way out to assist their team member. However, Josh Heartbrand and Mintzs came out and began to brawl with the members of New Generation preventing them from interfering in the match. Jason was left helpless in the ring as The Rock took the next two falls and retained his championship.

After the match, Shen Du HBK came out to the ring. He stared at Jason Voorhee's before saying, "If you need something done right, you need to do it yourself," then delivered Sweet Chin Music to Jason Voorhees.

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