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- IWWF/nWo Recoil is a Pay-Per-View, that is LIVE April 22nd 2006. Wrestlers have from 11am EST to 4pm EST to finish their matches.
- The matches need to be started, and observed by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

This is the *tenative* card for IWWF Recoil that is LIVE on April 23rd in Washington D.C.

John Cena wins the Hardcore Title Shot Royal Rumble
(Royal Rumble)
In IWWF tradition a Royal Rumble will kick off the show with the winner receiving a spot in the Hardcore Title match later in the evening.

Demogorgen defeated Segmental and Batista
(Four Way TV Title Spot)
Out of the mercy of his heart, IWWF Owner Josh Kronick has given these four superstars a chance to fight for the TV Title on Impact if they are victorious. All these men are hungry for gold. Who will win?

Mardybum defeated Taker and Unquestionable
(Junior Title Four Way)
The drama between these four men has continued to increase. The Junior Title was held up after Compro sucessfully defended it on multiple occasions but was hit over the head by a chair from Taker. Compro was rolled up into a small package by an unnamed dark match opponent who captured the title. Taker later on was victorious but Josh Kronick vacated the title due to controversy. Mardybum and Unquestionable also hold important victories over these men and the only way to settle it once and for all is to have all four of these men in the ring together to determine who is truly the Junior Champion.

Jeff (c) defeated Mintzs and Eneru and Xey
(TV Title Four Way)
Jeff has continued to dominate. Win after Win, defense after defense, he is seemingly unstoppable. The books have been stacked against our hero this time however. He must face off against IWWF Legend Mintzs and up and comers Xey and Eneru in a four way dance. In this bout Jeff doesn't even need to be pinned to lose the TV Title. It seems as if it's going to take a miracle to keep the belt around Jeff's waist. Eneru has assured IWWF Newsline that he plans on walking out the TV Champion. Who will be victorious? Order Recoil to find out!

John Cena defeated Segmental
(Career vs. HC Shot Barbed Wire)
Segmental called out John Cena placing his career on the line for John Cena's HC Title Shot. John Cena seeking glory accepted. Will Segmental's last match take place tonight? Or will he be fighting for the HC Title!

Stuund defeated John Cena and Pagos
(Hardcore Title 3way Table Elimination Match)
After a major injury from the hands of The Chosen, nWo member Mick Foley was forced to vacate the hardcore title. Pagos was placed into this match as one of the top hardcore title contenders and a shot in IWWF Tradition will be granted via a Royal Rumble opener. Stuund has been waiting several weeks now for this title shot. Now that he has joined forces with JHB and Netto Cash is Stuund unstoppable? Will he finally accomplish his dream of reclaiming IWWF Gold? Will Pagos walk out again the HC Champion? Or will some dark horse win the rumble and establish himself as a threat in the IWWF? You'll find out only on PPV!

Xey and Jeff defeated Eneru and Mintzs
(Tag-Team Title Shot Match)
After the screw job that was the TV title match this improtu tag match has been made. If Mintzs and Eneru win they'll get their hands on Jeff.

RoadWarrior defeated Pixelmixer
(IRC Title 3Way Elimination)
What is there to say about this match that hasn't already been said? Musicality and Pixelmixer loathe eachother. They've traded the title back and forth and now via Vice-President Dan Mason, the Musical One has made his way into Recoil to fight for the IRC Title. But both of them may be in big trouble. Road Warrior has been biding his time for several weeks preparing for this IRC Title Match. with Pixel and Musicality at eachother's throats Road Warrior may be able to put this one in the bag in record time.

Shen du HBK and Violent J defeated H}{H and RoadWarrior
(Table Tag-Title Elimination)
After a major knee injury to Foley the tag-titles were vacated. The nWo quickly reclaimed them with a win over Chosen members JHB and Stuund. A new alliance is on the horizon however. While details remain cloudy and this match remains in speculation rumor has it Shen and Violent J will be facing the nWo for the tag-titles at Recoil. These two legends have promised to make an impact in the IWWF. Will they wipe the floor with the so called most dominant stable in the history of the IWWF? Find out via PPV!

Marley G (c) defeated Netto Cash and Josh Heartbrand
(Main Event IWWF Title Three Way Elimination Table Match)
A month ago this match was booked in the nWo's favor. nWo members JHB, Marley G and Mick Foley were in the main event with Netto Cash on his lonesome. After an injury and a turn this match is now in the Chosen's favor. Netto Cash and JHB have joined forces and it seems as if the IWWF Champion, Marley G may be in huge trouble. Marley's reign has gone almost unstopped since January. Will April showers bring new flowers with JHB as IWWF Champion? Will Netto finally get his chance to shine? Will Marley show everyone why he has been champion for so long? Everyone is waiting to see this major match and you're going to see it live on PPV!

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