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Sarah NG Reports the News that matters!
Sarah NG recently had the chance to sit down with IWWF Champion The Rock after iMPACT!
Sarah NG: Please welcome my guest at this time, The IWWF champion, The Rock.
The Rock: Thank you.

SNG: Rock, you are currently in a nasty feud with Jason Voorhees which has run for the last couple of months?
TR: That's right.

SNG: Do you think he is worth this much trouble?
TR: Well The Rock says this, he knows at the moment that New Gen are a powerful force in the IWWF and The Rock knows that Jason is a very talented athelete. The Rock would prefer to wrestle the likes of Jason rather than some of the others in this business. Nevertheless The Rock still believes he is on top in the IWWF.

SNG: Wow, That sure is alot of respect for your opponent there.
TR: The Rock believes that respect has alot to do with this business, if you don't have respect for your competitors then they will have the upper had.

SNG: At a recent event you came out to the ring and cut off Shaun Swagger, it seemed to have pissed him off. Do you have a response to that?
TR: If there is one thing The Rock hates it is disrespect, that jabroni Swagger came out on monday night iMPACT! and he decided to run his mouth about IWWF Legends like Netto Cash and Sith. The Rock had, had enough and decided to shut that jabroni up and believe me in our match I will.

*Sarah NG steps back a little*

SNG: On a lighter note, your new movie "Race to Witchmountain" did pretty well in its opening week and has been a hit! Are you going to focus more on movies now or is wrestling still your number one commitment?
TR: Well see The Rock says this, He loves nothing more then to please the IWWF crowd, and since he is at the top of his career he thinks it is time he focused more on his wrestling rather then his movies. Don't get me wrong, The Rock loves making movies but he is now the IWWF Champion and that requires alot of responsibility.

SNG: Thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to speak with us The Rock.
TR: No problem Sarah. May I?

*The Rock Takes the microphone*

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