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Sarah NG Reports the News that matters!
Sarah NG had the opportunity to sit down and speak with Ice and ask him a few questions about his take on recent eventrs in IWWF.
Sarah NG: Please welcome my guest at this time, IWWF General Manager, Ice.

SNG: Now Ice, how are preperations for summerslam coming along?
ICE: Now that I am back after JoshHeartBrand injured me after an iMPACT show, I have been thinking of a new SummerSlam card. But with our constantly changing roster, it's kinda difficult to make a card, but I assure you that I will make this the best SummerSlam that this could be.
ICE: Nice to see you by the way Sarah.

SNG: Thanks sir, by the way, do you think you are the greatest GM IWWF has ever seen?
ICE: I can't assume that. I don't like to be cocky...well like, sometimes I actually do. So maybe I am because ever since I've started being a General Manager of IWWF, the activity in IWWF has risen. But then when I had to leave due to my rib injury, I return to see that activity decreased.
ICE: So maybe I am the heart and soul of IWWF and I keep IWWF alive with my presence and my constant recruiting of new superstars. Even as one of the least experienced wrestlers in IWWF.

SNG: speaking of heart, Daniel "the jobber" Mi has been calling out JHB in recent weeks.seems to be a death wish but, what is ur take on that?
ICE: Well like, that new Daniel MI has been doing decently in IWWF. Maybe he wants to step it up a notch. Maybe we will see that in the future when JoshHeartBrand. JoshHeartBrand is an amazing superstar, even though I think he's a total jackass.
ICE: Daniel MI may show him a thing or two that new superstars can achieve goals too, but JoshHeartBrand right now is sort of inactive, so that match could be on hold for now He can kill the Legend of Josh HeartBrand.

SNG: Oh, thaks for taking the time to talk with The Tabloid Ice and goodluck with Summerslam.
ICE: Thank you Sarah.
Interview with Ice

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