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The Best Wrestlers of The Past Fortnight!
#5 The Rock

Previously featured 5th July 2009: #4
The Rock is out of the title picture for the time being but has wins over Sith, Jason Voorhees and Shen Du HBK over the past few weeks so will continue to be a highlight at IWWF events.
#4 Banging

Previously featured 21st June 2009: #3
Since the previous edition of THE TOP 5 Banging has managed to recapture IRC Championship gold but has to again defend it against Hollywood on PPV.
#3 Pixelmixer

Previously featured 5th July 2009: #2
Despite two recent loses pixelmixer still holds both the Patriot and TagTeam Championships, despite form the veteren heads into his title defence against Shaun Swagger as a firm favorite.
#2 Compro

Previously featured 31st May 2009: #1
Compro announced that he would be attempting to win the IWWF title at Summerslam then followed it up with a classy win over pixelmixer on the following impact.
#1 Jason Voorhees

Previously featured 5th July 2009: #1
Jason Voorhees has defeated both The Rock and Banging in recent weeks and is looking strong heading into Summerslam where he is a hot favorite to take care of #1 Contender Compro.
The fortnightly Top 5 is based on active wrestlers/stables/tag-teams results on both iMPACT! and IWWF Pay Per View events.
According to the results and relevance of their matches wrestlers are ranked by IWWF Staff.

Current Top 5:
16th of August 2009.

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