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The Best Wrestlers of The Past Fortnight!
#5 Shaun Swagger

(Previous: #4 (-1))
Despite wins over Shinigami and Banging in the past fortnight, the top 5 is so tightly contested that his loss to CT on IWWF LIVE has sent Swagger back down a spot to #4 on the list.
#4 The Rock

(Previous: #1 (-3))
The rock not only lost his IWWF title in a shock loss Sarah NG but also fell victim to Netto Cash, most would be predicting The Rock to bounce back and climb the list once more over the next fortnight.
#3 Sarah NG

(Previous: N/A (-))
Sarah NG went from a month without winning a match to the biggest upset in IWWF history winning the IWWF championship from The Rock on iMPACT. Her otherwise recent poor record and loss to Jason Voorhees last week keeps her from the top of the list despite the gold now around her waist.
#2 Banging

(Previous: #3 (+1))
With all wrestlers on the list having mixed results Banging manages to climb a spot due to a win over Compro.
#1 Compro / Jason Voorhees

(Previous: #2/#5 (+1/+4))
Sharing top spot this week are the #1 contender who has proved he was the top dog in Next Generation with wins over Jericho and Jason Voorhees who has proved himself enough to remain a member of New Generation.
The fortnightly Top 5 is based on active wrestlers/stables/tag-teams results on both iMPACT! and IWWF Pay Per View events.
According to the results and relevance of their matches wrestlers are ranked by IWWF Staff.

Current Top 5:
16th of August 2009.

5th of July 2009.
21st of June 2009.
31st of May 2009.
17th of May 2009.
3rd of May 2009.

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