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The Best Wrestlers of The Past Fortnight!
#5 H0llywood

(Previous: N/A (N/A))
H0llywood has hit his strides recently with wins over Banging and Mintzs, looking to capture IRC gold at King Of The Ring it will be no surprise if there is a new IRC Champion in 2 weeks time.
#4 Sith

(Previous: N/A (N/A))
A wrestler with two out of two recent wins, one by forfeit over fellow New Gen member Daemon X but with wins hard to come by wrestlers should take them in any way possible.
#3 Banging

(Previous: #2 (-1))
Banging managed to retain his title yet again in an instant classic over an out of form Shaun Swagger, he now finds himself with 5 successful title defenses tied for the most of any IRC champion. Will 5 times continue to be a curse for the IRC title or will Banging reverse his recent fortunes against h0llywood and come away from KOTR the greatest ever IRC champion?
#2 Sarah NG / The Rock / Jason Voorhees

(Previous: #3/#4/#1 (+1/+2/-1))
With all three wrestlers sharing mixed results in a chaotic main event scene heading towards the PPV there is no seperating them. Anyone of this group could be IWWF champion by the next Top 5.
#1 Pixelmixer

(Previous: N/A (N/A))
Pixelmixer is the wrestler with all the momentum on his side heading in to the week of King Of The Ring. The top 5 is predicting a win at KOTR for pixelmixer with the possibility of him cashing in his briefcase shortly afterwards.
The fortnightly Top 5 is based on active wrestlers/stables/tag-teams results on both iMPACT! and IWWF Pay Per View events.
According to the results and relevance of their matches wrestlers are ranked by IWWF Staff.

Current Top 5:
16th of August 2009.

5th of July 2009.
21st of June 2009.
31st of May 2009.
17th of May 2009.
3rd of May 2009.

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