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The Best Wrestlers of The Past Fortnight!
#5 Shox

(Previous: N/A (N/A))
Despite losing the patriot title to Shaun Swagger, who in turn lost it to Pixelmixer, Shox was able to win a 16 man tourament and walk away from the most recent pay per view as the King Of The Ring. Shox will now be looking to add some gold to this prestigous title.
#4 The Rock / Sarah NG

(Previous: #2 (-2))
Despite being unable to win the IWWF title at KOTR, both of these main event stars were able to secure victories on impact this week.

(Previous: #5 (+2))
H0LLYWOOD has been running hot for a month and managed to capture the IRC title at KOTR! However with a loss to Sarah NG on the 4th of july special could his hot streak be turning cold?
#2 Pixelmixer

(Previous: #1 (-1))
Pixelmixer has managed to make it to the semifinals in the kotr, regain his money in the bank status and capture patriot title gold to go along with being one half of the tag team champions. He is a wrestler with all the momentum in his favour and there is seemingly no stopping him.
#1 Jason Voorhees

(Previous: #2 (+1))
Jason Voorhees was able to over come The Rock and Sarah NG to regain the IWWF Championship at King Of The Ring. However he did not appear at the special 4th of july impact and will need to remain active to stay above a very commited pixelmixer.
The fortnightly Top 5 is based on active wrestlers/stables/tag-teams results on both iMPACT! and IWWF Pay Per View events.
According to the results and relevance of their matches wrestlers are ranked by IWWF Staff.

Current Top 5:
16th of August 2009.

5th of July 2009.
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