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Welcome to the IRC World Wrestling Federation's Website!
Welcome to the IRC World Wrestling Federation

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This is the IWWF Rules, Rights, and Regulations.

   1. Voice and OP are a privilege not a right.

   2. Freedom of Speech is in affect in #IWWF. People can and will speak about you and sensitive topics. Use /ignore if you must.

   3. Advertising of rival federations is not allowed in #IWWF.

   4. !Stop is a powerful command. It is to be used only when all participants agree.

   5. If someone uses !stop without permission from all participants they will be punished based on the progression of the match. 100-90 Verbal Warning given. 89-70 one strike. Below 70 two strikes. Three strikes and you lose your ability to !stop a match.

   6. Titles may not be defended outside of shows without the permission of JHB. If you defend the title anyway it will be vacated.

   7. Match participants must be aware and agree to all match stipulations. If this is shown not to be the case the match will be null and void.

   8. Inactive wrestlers will be removed from cards and have their titles stripped. Inactive wrestlers are defined as those who have not been seen online for 14 days or more without prior warning.

   9. OPs is a powerful privilige bestowed upon those deemed deserving. Bans and kicks are to be used to remove disruptive users only. It is not a tool to ban or kick someone who is saying things you don't like.

   10. OP abuse will not be tolerated. Three unwarranted bans within a one month period and your ops will be removed. SOps, AOPs, no difference, no arguing.

   11. Threatening to quit the IWWF to get something you want will not be tolerated. If you threaten to quit you will be AKicked. No Exceptions. Take heed before losing your cool and threatening to quit.

   12. The following behaviors are deemed disruptive and warrant bans or kicks: Flooding, mass join, packeting, spamming, advertising, speaking poorly about IWWF. Anything else is NOT considered disruptive and does not merit a ban/kick.

   13. You have the right to take up all your complaints with JHB. If someone abuses you, cheats or anything else do not threaten to quit or ban the person in return or any other disruptive behavior. Message JHB and when he returns he will remedy the situation.

   14. There is a chain of command for authority when JHB is gone. It is listed on the forums. It changes from time to time. Follow the chain of command for any help when no one else can be located.