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Brought to you by Ecomm Internet Services. Wrestlemania is over. Thanks to everyone who made it what it was, and that was a spectacular event. A special thanks goes out to Josh Heartbrand for organizing things. Stay tuned for our next Pay Per View.

Full Results

Saturday March 23rd

..:: TagTeam Hardcore Invitational Tournament ::..
Josh Heartbrand and Mick Foley outmatched all of their opponents, and took the win.

..:: Four-Way Elimination Hardcore Match w/ The 4way Title On The Line ::..
A suitable replacement was made for Ultimate Warrior, which led to the new 4way champion, Macho87 taking the win over Evil Jared Hasselhoff, Hardkore Holly, and Cable guy.

..:: Three-Way Table Elimination Match w/ The 3way Title On The Line ::..
Another suitable replacement was made for SLVRsnake, which led to Detnemed taking the win over Zengeance and The Rock. However, the owner of the IWWF, Justin Verrier, came down and announced a reverse decision due to Detnemed having his feet on the ropes when he pinned. Zengeance was awarded with the title.

..:: Hardcore WWW Title Match ::..
Again, a replacement was made for Jesseman and karter, which led to Mick Foley taking the win and the title over [R]ob.

..:: Regular DALnet Title Match ::..
Hardkore Holly was able to steal the match away from Terry, as well as his DALNET title.

..:: 20 Minute Ironman National Title Match ::..
This match was totally one sided, and Kid Xtreme proved why he's a dominant up and coming force, that is to be reckoned with. Kid retained his title and won the match 4 falls to none.

..:: KnockOut Only Title Match ::..
A suitable replacement for MusicMan was made, which was none other than Evil Jared Hasselhoff. Unready for Jared, Maaki wasn't able to capitalize, and lost his title and the match in the process.

..:: 5 Stages Of Hell w/ #1 Contendership To The IWWF Title On The Line ::..
After losing the first match, due to disqualifying himself, stonecold picked up the next 3 wins to become the #1 contender for the IWWF championship.

Sunday March 24th

..:: Table Match w/ Hardcore Title On The Line ::..
Shox took it straight to Lotus right from the start. He won the match and retained his title.

..:: Ladder Match w/ IRC Title On The Line ::..
This was another one sided match by a member of Team IWWF. Shox again retained his title, and won the match over Terry Bogard.

..:: Tagteam Tables Match w/ TagTeam Titles On The Line ::..
This was a great match by 4 great competitors, in a story book Elite vs Team IWWF fashion. The Two Man Powertrip remained on top, with Stonecold & Trell taking the win over Josh Heartbrand & Mick Foley, and keeping their titles.

..:: Table "Legends" Match ::..
Kane was replaced with KidKash, and Garfield made his return! Kidkash was able to outwit and outmatch garfield, Mick Foley, and Pimp Dog for the win.

..:: Submission Match w/ The 3way Title On The Line ::..
Zengeance and DETNEMED went 1on1 for the 3way title, to make up for DETNEMED cheating last night. This was to prove who really was the btter man, and DETNEMED came out on top again(although, he probably cheated again).

..:: 30 Minute Ironman Match w/ IWWF Title On The Line ::..
This was truly a great match. Stonecold had the match won 3 to 2, but Trell came back in the last minute, making it 3 falls to 3. It came down to sudden death, and Austin wasn't able to hold Trell off. Trell took the match, and his title back.

..:: MAIN EVENT: Stable Gauntlet War w/ The Loser No Longer Being A Team ::..
Representing Team IWWF, in order, Mick-Foley, Shox, Stonecold, Trell. Representing The Elite, in order, Terry`Bogard, Zengeance, Billalfonzy, Josh Heartbrad. The first match was Mick-Foley vs Terry`Bogard, and just when Team IWWF thought they could be proud of their latest member, he turned his back on them. Mick Foley laid down for Terry, and got eliminated. The next match was a Table Match, with Shox Taking on Terry. Unlike their match earlier, Terry Bogard came out on top, and eliminated shox.
The Elite still had 4 members remaining, Team IWWF had 2. But it wasn't just any two, it was the Two Man Powertrip, and the TagTeam Champions, StoneCold and Trell. Austin went 1on1 against Terry Bogard in a grueling Ladder match that had its share of twists. This was one of the best ladder matches ever seen in the IWWF, and ultimately, Stonecold took the win. The Elite were still up 3 to 2. The next match was a submission match, Stonecold taking on Zengeance. Austin took it straight to Zengeance, and came away with a quick win.
The teams were now evened, 2 on 2. Billalfonzy entered the ring and went 1on1 with Austin in a Table match. This match was back and forth from the start, but in the end, Austin was unable to capitalize, and was put through the table by Billalfonzy.
2on1 in favor of The Elite. Another ladder match, this time between Trell and Billalfonzy. Fonzy took an early advantage, but Trell came back. With a few more twists, Trell was ultimately able to take out Billalfonzy, and win the match.
1on1. Submission match. Trell, against, Josh Heartbrand. A great finish to an already great match. This was right down to the wire, with submissions being applied right and left. But in the end, Trell proved why he's the champion, and Josh Heartbrand tapped out. With Josh Heartbrand tapping out, the match ended, Team IWWF prevailing despite the early trouble. The Elite is now, no more.

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