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- Wrestlemania IV is a Pay-Per-View, that was LIVE April 13th 2008. Wrestlers had 48 hours to complete their match.
- The matches need to be started, and oobserved by the owner, a creative team member, or a match official, for the match to count towards the card's result. All of these people are listed on the staff page.
- If you are unable to participate in a show where you are booked, let one of those people know as soon as possible so we can rework the card.

Wrestlemania IV was live on PPV in Hartford, Connecticut on Sunday, April 13th 2008

WrestleMania IV kicks off with fireworks and laser lights filling the arena. Owner Josh Kronick and Special Guest Commentator for tonight Justin Verrier welcomed everyone to the show.

Edge defeated Tha Game
(PPV Opener, Hardcore Match, #1 Contender for the Hardcore Championship)
Edge didn't waste anytime at assaulting Tha Game. As soon as Tha Game entered the ring, Edge clotheslined him to the mat. Tha Game was back on his feet quickly, and both superstars exchanged small striking moves. Edge managed to knock Tha Game on his arse, then smacked the back of Tha Game's neck with a kick. Edge then exited the ring to grab a object from under the ring... a metal pipe! Edge re-enters the ring where Tha Game is on his feet, and begins assaulting Edge as he enters which caused him to drop the weapon. Tha Game picks up Edge, and drives him into the mat with a Death Valley Driver. Tha Game then goes to the outside for a weapon of his own... a sledge hammer!

Tha Game re-enters the ring, and slams the hammer down hard on the mat towards Edge. Edge just barely moved out of the way before being hit with that sledge hammer, then Edge grabbed the metal pipe from before. After both superstars avoided a few attempted assaults with a weapon, Edge managed to connect, and caused Tha Game to drop his sledge hammer. Edge smacked Tha Game twice more with the weapon, then stalked the stunned Tha Game as they stood up.... BAM! A Spear by Edge, followed by a pinfall for the victory.

Edge's Theme Music played as he celebrated his first IWWF Victory. As for, Tha Game, well he was sorta out of it for a few minutes, and needed help back to his locker room by the ringside officals.

Netto Cash defeated The Rock
(IWWF Classic, Regular Match)
Both superstars started off with a friendly handshake, and a smile. Then, they locked up, and The Rock suplexed Netto Cash. Netto Cash back on his feet quickly, and takes down The Rock with a spear. Netto Cash locks in a sharp shooter on The Rock.. The Rock struggles to make it to the rope, but it looks like their too far away. Netto Cash applies more pressure to The Rock. The Rock is fighting it, and about to tap. But, Somehow... The Rock managed to twist and turn his way out of the hold.

The Rock kicks a near-by Netto Cash in the face, and jumps back on his feet. The Rock then irish whipped Netto Cash into the ropes which was counted with a clothesline by Netto Cash. Netto Cash picks up The Rock, and sends him to the mat with a Netto Slam! Netto Cash signals for his finisher, and the crowd goes wild with boos and cheers. As The Rock stands to his feet, Netto Cash kicks him in the mid-section, and delivers a packet bomb to The Rock! Netto Cash smiles as he pins The Rock, and gets the three count.

"Mudvayne - Not Falling" plays over the P.A. System as Netto Cash helps The Rock to his feet, and offers him one of the beers that Netto Cash has threatened the ring announcer to keep at all times when Netto is in the Arena. The two down a few beers, and pose for the fans. Then, Netto Cash and The Rock head backstage waving and high-fiving the fans as they go

Mintzs is seen in the gym warming up for his upcoming match with a mystery opponent.

Braloa is also seen in the gym, looking for a partner in tonight's tagteam championship table match.

Segmental (New Champion) defeated CT
(Boiler Room Brawl, Hardcore Championship)
CT enters the boiler room after Segmental, and the door is closed as the bell sounds. Segmental rushes at CT, who quickly moves out of the way. Segmental grabs a sledge hammer, and begins swinging wildly at CT. CT managed to duck between two walls causing Segmental to connect with a concrete wall. After playing cat and mouse with CT for the first few minutes, Segmental, becomes angry and ripped his own shirt right off himself. CT, with fear in his eyes, grabs a chair and smacks it across the head of the monster Segmental who just shook it off. CT goes for another chair shot to the head of Segmental, who again, just shook it off. CT tries for a third chair shot, but Segmental managed to block it with his big boot.

Finally, Segmental has got his hands on CT, and sends him to the mat via a chokeslam. Segmental moves to the door, and as he is opening it.. CT comes from behind with a chain. CT jumps on Segmental's back, and wraps the chain around Segmental's neck. CT tightens the chain, and is choking Segmental who tries to reach behind himself to grab CT, but fails. CT tightens the chain some more, and brings the big monster down to one knee. Segmental, now starting to turn blue in the face, fell backwards, taking the breathe out of CT, who released the chokehold.

Segmental slowly makes it to his feet, holding his throat. CT was able to make it to his feet a little quicker, and grabbed a chair. CT swung the chair at Segmental who got his big boot up just in time to connect with the chair, and forced it back into the face of CT. Segmental picks up CT, and executed The Mental Breakdown perfectly. As CT lays lifelessly on the cold boiler room concrete floor, Segmental exited the boiler room to win the match and the hardcore championship.

Segmental snatches the hardcore championship from the referee, growls, and walks away as EMTs enter the boiler room with a stretcher to attend to CT.

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Mintzs is shown waiting in the ring for his mystery opponent.

Stuund's Theme Music blares over the P.A. System, as the crowd gives the Former Chosen Member a standing ovation while he makes his way to the ring after a long absence.

Stuund defeated Mintzs
(IWWF Classic, Regular Match)
Stuund starts the match off with a couple chops to the chest of Mintzs. Mintzs shoved Stuund away, and tackles him to the ground. Mintzs lifts up Stuund, and slams him down with a Pump Handle Slam. Mintzs tries to lift up Stuund again for another Pump Handle Slam, but Stuund countered it with a Tornado DDT. Stuund climbed the top turnbuckle, as Mintzs makes it back to his feet. Stuund came off the top turnbuckle, and connected with a missle dropkick. Stuund then did a lionsault off the middle rope, and attempted a pin, but only got a two count.

Mintzs rolled out of the ring, and began walking up the ramp. Stuund quickly slide out of the ring, and ran up the ramp to connect with a punch to the back of Mintzs. Stuund grabbed Mintzs, and irish whipped him back to the ring. As both superstars entered the ring, Mintzs got the first punch, followed by a DDT. Mintzs picked up Stuund, and delivered a powerbomb. Then, Mintzs locked in a figure four leg lock.

As Stuund struggled to break free, Mintzs applied more pressure. Stuund began fighting his way to the bottom rope. Mintzs tried to force a tap out from Stuund, but the former IWWF Champion didn't give in, and reversed the hold on Mintzs who began struggling to make it to the ropes. Stuund applied more pressure on the legs of Mintzs, who couldn't take it anymore, and tapped out.

Stuund offered Mintzs a helping hand after the match, and Mintzs took it. Then, Mintzs kicked Stuund in the mid-section, and executed The Mint Condition on Stuund!

Mintzs then left the ring with a evil smirk on his face

* IPT's Theme Music is heard over the sound system, as Compro and Eneru make their way to the ring with the WWI TagTeam Championship titles While Netto Cash carries a briefcase down to ringside with him.

* Braloa's Music played, and he walked out from behing the curtain...

* A Few Seconds Past... *

* Segmental's Theme Music blared over the P.A. System as the new hardcore champion appeared from behind the curtain, and made his way to the ring with his tagteam partner for tonight, Braloa.

[IPT] Compro & Eneru (New Champions) defeated Braloa & Segmental
(Table TagTeam Elimination Match, TagTeam Championship)
As Braloa and Segmental slide into the ring a brawl immediatly starts up in the ring. IPT immediatly take the upperhand delivering punch after punch as the ref tries in vain to stop the closed fists. The two knock Braloa and Segmental out of the ring as the crowd goes ballistic. Eneru stands on the apron and compro stands in the ring as Braloa slides in and the two start to lock up and the bell rings.

compro delivers a hurricarana to the already tired Braloa. Back to their feet they trade rights and lefts as compro tosses Braloa to the ropes and does a spinning heel kick and climbs the ropes. A quick splash meets it's target as he goes for a table outside the ring. IPT chants can be heard throughout the arena as everyone is behind the 2-Time Undisputed TagTeam Champions of the World. Segmental is looking for a tag but Braloa just ignores him.

compro then sets up a table, and lifts up Braloa for a vertical suplex but Segmental runs in and takes him down with a flying elbow to the chest and compro drops Braloa. The ref sends Segmental back to his corner, as compro and Braloa begin crawling to their tag partner who both really want the tag. What's this? Netto Cash is on the apron as Braloa gets the tag to Segmental, but the referee didn't see so its back to the ring apron for Segmental. Compro then tags in Eneru, who charges across the ring at Segmental, and knocks him off the ring apron. Eneru then picks up Braloa, and Chokeslam's him through the table.

After the match, IPT Theme's played as Eneru and Compro celebrate by posing on the top turnbuckle with the IWWF and WWI TagTeam Championship Titles. A pissed off Segmental then comes into the ring with a chair, only to be taken down by the briefcase that Netto Cash was carrying. As Eneru gets another table from under the ring, Netto Cash and Compro help Braloa to his feet, and hand him the briefcase. "You did Good, man, here's the reward you was promised" can be heard from Netto Cash to Braloa.

After Eneru setup the table, Netto Cash and Compro then laid Segmental on top of the table, placed a chair on top of him, and held him in place as Braloa climbed the top turnbuckle, and connected with a Five Star Frog Splash sending Segmental through the table. The four superstars then spit on the unconscious Segmental, and made their way back to their locker room for a little celebration party. Braloa with his briefcase that was given to him by IPT for what appeared to be bribery, and IPT with their IWWF and WWI TagTeam Championship Titles making them the 3-Time Undisputed TagTeam Champions of the World.

* Josh Kronick's Theme Music Played as he moved from the announcer table to the ring

Kronick: I would like to personally thank you all for tuning into IWWF WrestleMania IV, and keeping IWWF in the spotlight as the #1 IFED IN THE WORLD for 10 years and counting.

Kronick: It's time to announce the I-Wrestling Hall Of Fame Inductees for 2008.

Kronick: The first inductee was nominated by Banging... Mick-Lucifer!

Kronick: The second inductee was nominated by Compro... Aussie Outsider!

Kronick: The third inductee was nominated by Netto Cash... Sith!

Kronick: Congratulations to Mick Lucifer, Aussie Outsider, and Sith on being the Class of 2008 for the I-Wrestling Hall Of Fame.

* Josh Kronick's Music played again as he went back to the announcer table

Josh Heartbrand (c) defeated Mick Foley
(A IWWF Classic, Regular Match, Intercontinental Championship)
The air was thick as the sub main event of WrestleMania IV sparked into the air with the entrance of Josh Heartbrand and Mick Foley. When in the ring the referee brought the two together encouraging them to shake hands. Mick Foley smiled at the crowd and began stretching when the bell rang. The two locked up, Josh Heartbrand getting a swift kick to the midsection, only to head into the ropes and take Mick Foley down with a swinging neck breaker. Heartbrand went up top looking for an elbow drop from upstairs but got a face full of knee.

As the match progressed Foley started to look in good shape knocking the breath out of Josh Heartbrand with the heart punch, and then following up with a big death valley driver. Getting his second wind Josh Heartbrand snuck in a low blow and dropped Mick Foley with the Justin V DDT. He followed up with a modified sharpshooter, but Mick Foley quickly dragged his way to the ropes. Foley limped into a front face lock, but managed to reverse an attempted vertical suplex. While on the ground the IWWF owner nailed Foley's knee with a low diving clothesline forcing Mick to one knee.

Suddenly from out of the crowd Jason Voorhees appeared and used a steel chair to knock the referee out cold. Mick Foley used the chair on Josh Heartbrand knocking him flat, when all of a sudden Autistic Psycho appeared on the ramp! Autistic Psycho rushed to the ring bludgeoning the chair wielding Foley. Foley took Autistic Psycho down with a DDT when suddenly Dil Dil Pakistan and Ice rushed to the ring. Josh Heartbrand laughed as he ordered the two superstars to take care of Mick Foley & Jason Voorees! Voorhees tried to help Mick Foley, but the four man team hammered away on Foley leaving him a bloodied mess. The cavalry headed backstage as the referee came to. Josh Heartbrand picked Foley up, dropped him with a Return to Hartford and got the pin fall to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Banging defeated Jericho
(Main Event, Ladder Match, IWWF Championship)
The richest prize in the industry hung sheepishly above the ring as the crowd prepared for an exciting ladder match for the IWWF title! Banging headed to the ring first to a huge response, receiving a big "kiwi" chant. Jericho headed out to a less responsive crowd, getting caught on the aisle as Banging went to work on his opponent straight off with right hands. Jericho fought him back, slamming Banging face first into the crowd guard. Jericho dragged Banging to the ring and slammed his head into the edge of the apron, but on a second attempt had his own head slammed!

Banging reached under the ring and pulled out a ladder, using it to jab Jericho in the mid-section, and then set it up against the corner, and whipped Jericho into the ladder! Banging sent the ladder, and Jericho into the ring as the two went off the ropes, catching each other with clotheslines. Jericho jumped up and went off the ropes, landing a big leg drop on Banging. Banging got to his feet and went off the ropes, attacking with a forearm, and then kicked the ladder up at Jericho, dropping him with a drop kick! Banging set the ladder up and started climbing, but Jericho grabbed the bottom, sending the ladder into the ropes and Banging the opposite side, landing safely.

The two hammered at each other once again, before Banging managed to get a powerbomb! He set the ladder up once again, but Jericho managed to send them both flying off with a belly to back superplex off the ladder!! With both superstars struggling to their feet Banging began climbing on one side, while Jericho climbed the other. Reaching the top Banging started swinging wildly, and managed to connect with a hard right hand, sending Jericho over the top rope to the outside! Banging reached up high, and unhooked what he has been fighting to win since he joined the IWWF.

WrestleMania IV comes to an end with Banging celebrating his hard fought victory in the ring with fireworks, and posing with the IWWF Championship Title as Jericho quietly made his way to the backstage area.

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