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Wrestlemania V - March 22nd 2009
Live from Madison Square Garden in New York

Jason Voorhees won the Hardcore Championship
(Hardcore Title Battle Royal)

Ice defeated pixelmixer & Shaun Swagger
(3-Way Title Match)

Daemon X knocked out Shaun Swagger
(Hardcore KO Match)

Netto Cash defeated Compro
(Table Match)

Jericho & Undertaker defeated Josh Heartbrand & The Rock
(Hardcore Tag-Team Elimination)

Banging defeated Sherby
(Table Match)

Banging defeated Undertaker
(2/3 Falls Match)

pixelmixer & DaemonX were inducted into the IWWF Hall of Fame

Sith defeated Mick Lucifer who was really Donald
(Legedary Hardcore Match)

pixelmixer defeated Edge, Jericho, The Rock, Sarag NG, H0LLYWOOD, Daniel MI & Frosty
(Money In The Bank Elimination Chamber)

Ice defeated Mr. Kronick
(Hell In A Cell)

Josh Heartbrand defeated Trell
(Hardcore Submission)

Jason Voorhees defeated Marley G
(Ladder Match, IWWF Championship)

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